CoWare ESL 2.0 Android Mobile Platform Support

CoWare®, Inc. recently announced a solution for the rapid design and development of chipsets, handsets, and software applications built to support the Android(tm) Mobile Platform. CoWare ESL 2.0 solutions are built to enable the deployment of virtual hardware platforms across the supply chain, leading to more productive collaboration while designing the right products. The support of the Android SDK extends CoWare’s solution supporting mobile platforms and operating systems including Microsoft Windows CE, Symbian OS, Wind River Linux and Monta Vista Linux.

The introduction of Android as an open platform marks a major shift towards software-driven design. It requires new design and development methods that provide the ability to rapidly and efficiently introduce differentiated chipsets and handsets as well as the ability to develop, integrate and test a massive new set of applications.Traditional development methods based on register transfer level (RTL) for hardware design and the use of prototype boards for software development are breaking down.

CoWare ESL 2.0 solutions address the increasingly complex design and development requirements through the use of virtual hardware platforms supporting:

  • The design of programmable accelerators, high-end processor cores and application sub-systems such as those needed to meet 3D graphics, security or multi-media requirements.
  • The performance optimization and validation, and system level debugging of hardware required during the design and verification of multi-core chipset and handset hardware platforms.
  • The acceleration of software development, system integration and test through the use of ultra fast virtual hardware platforms that are available earlier, easier to deploy and more productive than traditional hardware prototype boards.

More info: Open Handset Alliance | CoWare