Microchip PICDEM Touch Sense 1 Demo Board

Microchip Technology recently announced the PICDEM(tm) Touch Sense 1 Demo Board for capacitive touch-sensing applications. The easy-to-use board comes with a PICkit(tm) Serial Analyzer and the royalty-free mTouch(tm) Sensing Solution Software Development Kit (SDK). Together, the board and supporting materials provide a complete platform for implementing capacitive touch-sensing interfaces using the highly integrated, cost-effective 8-bit Flash PIC® microcontrollers. The PICDEM Touch Sense 1 demo board (Part # DM164125) can be purchased for $139.99. This price includes the PICkit Serial Analyzer (Part # DV164122) and mTouch Sensing Solution SDK.

Microchip PICDEM Touch Sense 1 Demonstration BoardMany applications in the consumer, appliance and medical markets now employ capacitive touch-sensing technology for reasons such as aesthetics, maintenance, cost and cleanliness. The PICDEM Touch Sense 1 Demo Board is a high-quality, robust product for implementing this leading-edge user interface. Equipped with capacitive touch-sensing keys and sliders, the board enables designers to evaluate capacitive touch sensing in their applications using the PICkit Serial Analyzer and Windows-based mTouch Diagnostic Tool, an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is included in the mTouch Sensing Solution SDK. Libraries, source code and other support materials that come with the board further shorten development time and reduce design costs.

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