CoFluent Studio v.2.2

CoFluent Design recently introduced version 2.2 of CoFluent Studio, which provides advanced capabilities for modeling wireless, telecommunications and networking systems. CoFluent Studio offers the ability to model a large number of simultaneous communications, such as numerous terminals connected to a network of bases stations, with the multiple instantiation of a unique model. Version 2.2 adds new modeling capabilities for dynamically managing functions. Management primitives include start, stop, suspend and resume of functions.

Dynamic function management enables modeling multiple use-cases that can be dynamically activated and stopped according to different scenarios. This corresponds to the evolution of mobile terminals and multimedia devices towards multiple dynamic functions and reconfigurable applications and platforms. Dynamic function management is necessary to efficiently and effectively represent dynamic thread management behavior, commonly found in electronic systems. It is especially adapted to model and simulate the lifecycle of threads and processes that are dynamically created and stopped in embedded real-time software applications.

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