BSQUARE Corp. (Nasdaq:BSQR) is producing a production-quality board support package (BSP) for TI’s OMAP35x(tm) Evaluation Module (EVM). The OMAP35x application processors are based on the new ARM® Cortex(tm)-A8 processor, which offers an unprecedented combination of laptop-like performance and superior power management for a wide range of applications, including digital set-top boxes, mobile Internet appliances, portable navigation devices, media players, and personal medical equipment. Together, the EVM and BSQUARE’s BSP — the first Windows Embedded CE BSP to support the ARM Cortex-A8 processor — will give device designers everything they need to create next-generation Windows Embedded CE-powered devices using TI’s new OMAP35x application processors.

Until now, TI’s OMAP(tm) 3 processors were available only to mobile handset customers. With the introduction of the OMAP35x platform, TI is making its OMAP processors available to the broad market, allowing a wide range of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create the most advanced embedded devices.

BSQUARE will be delivering its production-quality BSP and other technology and services for the OMAP35x platform this quarter. The BSP will be available from TI to developers who purchase the EVM. BSQUARE will also provide engineering services, quality assurance, and support for device designers to help them get their Windows Embedded CE-powered OMAP35x products to market in record time.

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