TI TMS320C2000 Fixed-point Digital Signal Controllers

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) recently introduced the first fixed-point digital signal controllers (DSCs) that are entirely compatible in hardware and software with high-performance floating-point DSCs. The TMS320F282x series of DSCs combine the affordability of a fixed-point architecture with the faster software development inherent to floating-point devices. Floating-point algorithms that previously required significant recoding for fixed-point operation can now be recompiled in minutes to run on the F282x devices. The DSCs bring savings in time-to-market and manufacturing costs, enabling developers to design energy-efficient, less expense industrial applications such as servo controllers, automotive radar, solar inverters and wind turbines.

The F282x controllers operate at up to150 megahertz, are 100% code-compatible with F283x devices and can be programmed using the same development tools. The F282x controllers are also completely pin-to-pin compatible with the F283x series. This means that for the first time, a developer can create a control system using floating-point operations for greater accuracy and rapid programming, then recompile the same source code to be used on a fixed-point device for cost efficiency without re-designing any hardware.

Applications that do not need the full performance of a floating-point controller can be prototyped and debugged using F283x DSCs, then manufactured using F282x DSCs to take advantage of fixed-point economy. The parallel fixed- and floating-point devices not only save significant time in development but also allow manufacturers to target both performance and cost-conscious market segments using the same software and hardware engineering.

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