Trango Hypervisor for Atmel Customizable Microcontroller

Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) and Trango Virtual Processors recently announced the availability of Hypervisor for Atmel’s AT91CAP9 customizable microcontroller. By creating multiple machine-independent virtual instances of the underlying CAP(tm) architecture, Trango’s Hypervisor significantly reduces the time taken to develop CAP application software, and enables existing software to be re-used with minimal modification. Trango’s Hypervisor runs on both the AT91CAP9A-STK Starter Kit for rapid prototyping and on the AT91CAP9A-DK Development Kit for in-depth application development. The joint solution enables customers to benefit from highly flexible customization, faster time to market and significant cost reduction in their CPU and system designs.

Built on Atmel’s CAP that delivers a high degree of hardware customization (peripherals, interfaces and custom logic), the joint solution offers much greater software flexibility. Support for multiple heterogeneous environments allows any operating system, Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), or stand-alone application to be seamlessly integrated. Proprietary code and open source software can coexist, each in its own secure execution domain, protecting intellectual property investments while simultaneously promoting the use of open source software. Faster time to market, and lower cost is achieved from both a hardware and software perspective. NRE costs using Atmel CAP are significantly lower than for standard cell ASICs, whereas the Trango Hypervisor can bring about a substantial bill of material reduction by removing the need for additional processors for applications that usually require multiple CPUs.

The Trango Hypervisor for the AT91CAP9 architecture is available now.

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