AMCC PowerPC 440EPr Embedded Processor

The PowerPC® 440EPr processor, from Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (NASDAQ: AMCC), is the newest member of the AMCC Power Architecture family. The combination of performance and affordability makes the PowerPC 440EPr the ideal choice for a wide range of cost sensitive applications, such as secure gateway solutions, network appliances, multifunction printing platforms, networking line cards, and other embedded systems.

The PowerPC 440EPr features up to 500MHz of processing speed, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, 32 bit PCI, USB2.0, support for 32-bit DDR2 high performance memory and an integrated Turbo Security Engine, while offering typical power dissipation of only 3.5 Watts. The PowerPC 440EPr is offered for cost sensitive customers who still require the 1000 DMIPS performance and features of the superscalar 440 processor core.

In addition, the PowerPC 440EPr includes a high performance double precision floating point unit compatible with the IEEE® 754 floating point standards, resulting in exceptional performance for print and image processing and other compute intensive applications. The Turbo Security Engine in the PowerPC 440EPr supports a broad range of standards-based security protocols, such as IPSec, SRTP and SSL and delivers outstanding throughput across the full range of packet sizes. The 440EPr USB2.0 port can operate in either Host or Device mode and features an integrated PHY to further reduce system design costs and complexity.

Customers can start developing software now for the Power PC 440EPr processor, using AMCC’s “Sequoia” evaluation kit. This evaluation kit includes a custom, Linux® based evaluation board, software development tools from Denx and Corelis, and a Resource CD with benchmarks and sample applications.

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