News – 2008.04.13

Technosoft Introduces MCK28335 Motor Control Kit
The new Technosoft MCK28335 kits with source code and MATLAB libraries are complete motion control development and evaluation packages based on TI’s latest floating-point digital signal controller: TMS320F28335. With this embedded floating-point processor, users will significantly save development time and effort; specific issues related to fixed-point processors (as saturation, overflow, scaling of parameters and variables) are no longer a problem now.

PMC-Sierra Heads to Embedded Systems Conference
PMC-Sierra will exhibit at booth #1922 at ESC, April 14 – 18, featuring its turnkey network attached storage (NAS) solutions for small and medium businesses (SMB). PMC-Sierra will also display a wide range of solutions including a digital home gateway and silicon products based on its highly integrated MIPS-Based(tm) SoC family with IPSec, reference boards and software development kits.

STMicroelectronics Unveils 1.1, 2.1 Mbyte ARM9 Microcontrollers
STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a world leader in microcontrollers, has increased the on-chip Flash capacity of its STR91xFA ARM966E-S based MCU family by introducing 1.1 Mbyte and 2.1 Mbyte variants, delivering higher memory density than any other ARM9, or ARM7-TDMI, based standard MCU currently available. The new devices are pin- and function compatible with existing 288 Kbyte and 544 Kbyte versions in LQFP-80, LQFP-128 and BGA-144 packages.

PFU Systems Introduces Plug-N-Run G5 COM Express Basic Module
PFU Systems announces the availability of the latest in its line of Computer On Module (COM) products and plans for a major expansion of the line later this year. Complementing last year’s announcement of the Plug-N-Run(tm) E1, a server level COM Express Extended module, PFU introduced the Plug-N-Run(tm) G5, a COM Express Basic form factor module using the latest Intel® Core(tm)2 Duo technology.

Elma Electronic Introduces SerDes Test Modules for VPX Systems
Elma Electronic Inc, a manufacturer of electronic packaging products, has announced new SerDes Test Modules for VPX systems. The modules are offered in partnership with DFT Microsystems, a leader in high-density test solutions for high-speed semiconductor device interfaces. With architectures moving to higher speed Serial RapidIO, Infiniband, PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet, and other serial fabrics, it is increasingly important to measure the signal performance of the system.

Laker, NexusRoute Simultaneously Share OpenAccess Run-Time-Model
Pyxis Technology, Inc., an electronic design automation (EDA) company offering high-performance integrated circuit (IC) routing software, and Silicon Canvas, Inc., developer of the Laker(tm) suite of high-performance software for custom IC design, announced the first multi-vendor solution to use the OpenAccess Run-Time-Model (OA-RTM) to enable the simultaneous execution of two commercial tools within the same Unix process.