News – 2008.04.10

Jungo Rolls Out USBHost Tester for Embedded USB Host Testing
Jungo, a leading global provider of USB software protocol stacks, driver development tools and testing tools, announced its USBHost Tester(TM) product line, a complete embedded USB host testing solution which enables automated and highly efficient embedded USB host testing. USBHost Tester provides developers with a powerful tool to quickly test embedded USB host stacks, delivering superior quality and compliance with USB-IF certification standards.

Crossware ARM Development Suite Supports ARM9 MMU, FCSE
Crossware, an embedded software tools developer, has added support for the ARM9 memory management unit (MMU) and fast context switch extension (FCSE) to its ARM Development Suite. This allows developers to exploit the advanced memory management features of ARM9 chips such as the Atmel AT91SAM9263 and Atmel AT91RM9200 microcontrollers. Full debugging is possible when the memory management unit is enabled even when complex virtual to physical memory translation is being used.

Opera Mini Supports Google Android Mobile Platform
Opera Software announced that the globally acclaimed Opera Mini(tm) browser for mobile phones is available for the Android platform. Today’s technical preview release is available at, inviting the Android development community to test the fresh build and share feedback with Opera for the forthcoming beta. Opera Mini for Android makes the company’s fast-performing and device-adapting Web experience available to any range of handset built on Android.

TDK Introduces Isolated 15W, 30W Industrial DC-DC Converters
TDK Corporation announced that it has developed a new series of isolated DC-DC converters for industrial applications. The series comprises a total of 64 products rated for 15W or 30W. Mass production under the TDK-Lambda brand name will start progressively from July 2008. Industrial equipment such as factory automation systems and computers as well as various kinds of communications devices are becoming increasingly complex and operate at ever higher speeds.

EMA Design Automation to Resell Taray 7Circuits FPGA I/O Synthesis Tool
EMA Design Automation(tm), one of the world’s largest Electronic Design Automation Value Added Resellers, announced that they have signed an agreement to be the exclusive North American reseller of 7Circuits®, an FPGA I/O synthesis tool from Taray®. “This partnership provides a long-needed FPGA I/O planning solution to both EMA and Cadence,” said Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA, a Cadence channel partner.

Freescale PowerQUICC Processor Powers Sony XDCAM HD422 Disc System
Freescale Semiconductor is providing PowerQUICC® communications processors for Sony’s XDCAM(tm) HD422 Series professional disc system, delivering enhanced camcorder and recorder functionality needed for high definition (HD) broadcasts. PowerQUICC processors support demanding audio-visual market requirements such as precise video control and high speed network application processing.

Gleichmann Electronics Announces Mini-HVSON PowerMOSFET
Gleichmann Electronics expands its product offering with the immediate availability of seven very small footprint, low-voltage PowerMOSFETs in 8p-VSOF and Mini-HVSON packages from NEC Electronics. The Mini-HVSON package measures 3.3mm x 3.3mm x 0.9mm and only needs approximately two-thirds of the mounting area compared to a conventional SOP8 package.

Toumaz Receives Funding to Develop DIAdvisor Blood Glucose Predictor
Toumaz Technology Limited, the leading provider of ultra-low power wireless infrastructure for body monitoring solutions, announces its participation in a major collaborative research project that has been granted 7.1 million Euros to develop a unique personalised blood glucose prediction tool aimed at improving the lives of millions of diabetes patients.