Micron MT9D113 Imaging SoC

Micron Technology, Inc. (NYSE:MU) recently introduced a one-fifth inch 2-megapixel (MP) imaging system-on-chip (SOC) for thin mobile phones, PC cameras, and personal digital assistants. The new imaging SOC (product number MT9D113) offers ease of design for mobile device manufacturers in a cost-effective package, enabling incorporation of highly-featured 2 MP cameras in phones targeted at the rapidly growing emerging markets. The new imaging SOC is sampling now with mass production expected this month.

The new imaging SOC offers excellent low-light sensitivity and high-speed image capture, with video modes of 15 frames per second (fps) at full resolution and 30 fps in viewfinder mode. With its one-fifth inch optical format, the new imaging SOC enables a 6.5 millimeter (mm) by 6.5 mm camera module size. The solution provides an easy upgrade for small format VGA and 1.3 MP parts and is also a compelling cost-down solution for larger format, one-quarter inch, 2 MP parts.

Additional key features designed into Micron’s MT9D113 include a one-time-programmable (OTP) memory and both serial mobile industry processor interface (MIPI) and traditional parallel outputs. OTP allows greater programmability and manufacturing flexibility (by allowing designers to program the camera to use multiple lenses and enabling production calibration of lens parameters). The serial output requires fewer pins, reducing design time and cost.

Micron’s 1.75-micron pixel design allows for smaller sensor form factors to be designed into today’s thin camera designs, all the while maintaining picture quality.

More info: Micron’s MT9D113 Imaging SoC (pdf)