OmniVision OV7690 VGA CameraChip Sensor

The OV7690, according to OmniVision Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: OVTI), is the world’s smallest VGA CameraChip sensor. The new 1/13-inch VGA sensor features the newest generation of OmniVision’s proprietary pixel architecture, OmniPixel3-HS, which delivers almost double the sensitivity and low-light performance (960mV/Lux-sec) of other low cost sensors. The OV7690 is currently available for sampling, and OmniVision expects to begin volume production in the third calendar quarter of 2008.

The OV7690′s 1.75-micron OmniPixel3-HS architecture combined with a unique, non-linear micro lens shift technology allows for a significant reduction in distance between the sensor and the lens, and thus enables OmniVision to significantly reduce the module height while maintaining the highest levels of image quality and camera performance. The result is an ultra-thin camera module of just 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.8 mm, a critical characteristic both for slim camera phones and for notebook applications where the camera module can be no thicker than the LCD housing. The OV7690 comes in a newly developed chip scale package (CSP3) which further improves device reliability and reduces system height.

More info: OmniVision