STMicroelectronics TS4601 Stereo Headset Amplifier

The TS4601, from STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), is a stereo headset amplifier optimized for feature-phone applications that improves audio performance, extends battery life and enables more responsive user controls compared to existing solutions. The TS4601 is available now for $1.30 in quantities of 1000 upwards.

The TS4601′s class-leading power-supply rejection ratio of –107dB (typical) prevents noise from the handset battery from reaching the audio output. As a result, the overall audio quality provided is close to that of a dedicated hi-fi system, while savings in overall current consumption allow end products to provide longer listening times and more functions for a given battery size. The sub 2-microamp stand-by mode is a further aid to frugal power management.

The low-profile flip-chip package measuring 2.1×2.1×0.6mm allows designers to take advantage of the TS4601′s enhanced features to create sleek, high-end mobile handsets offering advanced music features. The TS4601 can be used in many other portable and consumer products demanding high audio capabilities and system-level performance advantages, including MP3 players and notebook computers.

User functions and configuration control are managed via the device’s built-in I²C interface, enabling enhanced flexibility and an improved user experience compared to other devices on the market.

Ease of use and versatility are further enhanced since the TS4601′s output is stable under all load conditions, which allows dependable glitch-free operation whether the user is listening via the headset or to an external hi-fi, via the phone output. In addition, built-in common-mode sensing automatically compensates for variations in headset characteristics, such as different grounding properties that may otherwise produce increased noise. Thermal shutdown and short-circuit protection are also embedded, providing mobile users with safety features typically implemented in dedicated audio equipment.

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