News – 2008.04.02

Intel Introduces Centrino Atom Processors for MID, Embedded Computing
Intel Corporation introduced five new Intel® Atom(tm) processors and Intel Centrino® Atom(tm) processor technology for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) and embedded computing solutions. The technology package includes the Intel® Atom(tm) processor (formerly codenamed “Silverthorne”) plus a single-chip with integrated graphics called the Intel® System Controller Hub. Manufacturers around the world are planning to ship Intel-based MIDs beginning this summer.

MontaVista Announces Embedded Linux for Intel Atom Processor Z500
MontaVista® Software, Inc., the leader in embedded Linux® commercialization, announced the immediate availability of a MontaVista embedded Linux software platform to support the new Intel® Atom(tm) processor Z500 series. The new MontaVista Linux release delivers commercial-grade quality, integration, and expert support. The optimized MontaVista Linux release provides advanced capabilities.

Wavecom Unveils Q52 Omni Wireless CPU Cellular Satellite Hybrid
Wavecom (Paris:AVM) (NASDAQ:WVCM) announced a groundbreaking combination of cellular, satellite and GPS technology (select models) on a single device: the Wavecom Q52 Omni Wireless CPU®. Based on Wavecom Wireless Microprocessor® technology, the Q52 Omni embodies unprecedented integration by embedding control of all three technologies on a single processor, enabling significant cost savings over existing multiprocessor solutions.

Innovasic Replaces Intel 186/188 EB with IA186EB, IA188EB
Innovasic Semiconductor, a leader in extended life semiconductor solutions, announced the availability of samples of the IA186EB and IA188EB. The IA186EB and IA188EB are form, fit, and function replacements for the original Intel® 80C186EB, 80C188EB, 80L186EB, and 80L188EB 16-bit high-integration embedded processors. Additionally, they have been upgraded to operate at 5.0V or 3.3V. The 5.0V version operates up to 67 MHz and the 3.3V version up to 55 MHz.

conga-CA COM Express Module Features Intel Atom Processor Z500 Series
congatec AG enhances its successful COM Express product family with the introduction of the extremely low power consuming conga-CA. It features the brand new Intel® Atom(tm) processor Z500 series and the Intel® System Controller Hub US15W. The complete design of this compact (95×95mm, 3¾x3¾”) sized COM Express module is geared around low power consumption.

MSC Vertriebs Creates Custom Module with Intel Atom Processor Z500
Based on the recently announced low power Intel® Atom(tm) processor Z500 series, MSC Vertriebs GmbH has already designed its first customer specific module. The powerful board is used in an industrial handheld PC with touch screen. The battery life of the MSC system can be extended by a factor of 3 compared to previous implementation with the Intel® 945 chipset-based platform under identical conditions. This was the determining factor for this design improvement.

Synopsys Announces DesignWare LE IP for PCI Express
Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS), a world leader in software and IP for semiconductor design and manufacturing, announced the availability of the DesignWare® LE IP for PCI Express (PCIe) optimized for ASIC and FPGA designs that utilize a single lane (x1) PCI Express endpoint interface. The DesignWare LE IP for PCIe is a cost-effective solution that provides innovative ease-of-use features to simplify the complexities of transitioning to PCI Express.

MathStar Debuts Next Generation MPEG-2 Encoder IP Core for Arrix FPOA
MathStar, Inc. (Nasdaq: MATH), a fabless semiconductor company specializing in high-performance programmable logic, announced the release of its second generation MPEG-2 Encoder Intellectual Property (IP) core for applications using the company’s field programmable object array (FPOA) chips. MathStar’s enhanced core supports full 4:2:2 color space, 1080i/720p resolution encoding, and optional MPEG-2, Part 1 compliant transport stream encoding for packet networks and broadcasting.

VMETRO Rolls Out MM-6171 Buffer Memory XMC Module
VMETRO, a leader in embedded computing solutions based on standards such as VXS, VPX and XMC that utilize multi-gigabit serial interconnects, announced the MM-6171, a buffer memory node in an XMC form factor with support for Serial RapidIO® or PCI Express®. The MM-6171 is a rugged COTS product providing 2 to 4GB of high speed buffer memory.

IPextreme Offers NXP CoReUse Methodology, QCore Tool for Licensing
IPextreme®, Inc., the company bringing famous IP (intellectual property) to system-on-chip designers worldwide, and NXP Semiconductors, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, announced the availability of NXP’s internally-developed CoReUse methodology and QCore(tm) tool for licensing to the entire semiconductor industry through IPextreme.

Ambric, MainConcept Team on Am2045 GT Video Reference Platform
Ambric®, Inc., the fabless semiconductor company that delivered the world’s first TeraOPS-class massively parallel, embedded processor, and MainConcept, a leading provider of video codec and other multimedia technologies, have collaborated to accelerate high definition video compression. The collaboration has produced an Ambric Am2045 GT(TM) video reference platform that is integrated with MainConcept’s unique hardware-acceleration software development kit (SDK).

Agilent, NextWave Accelerate Mobile WiMAX Device Production, Deployment
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and NextWave Wireless Inc. (NASDAQ: WAVE) announced that NextWave will use Agilent’s Wireless Networking Test Set to help accelerate the deployment of Mobile WiMAX devices based on NextWave’s chipsets. The two companies will collaborate to optimize the speed of RF power-calibration and production-test capabilities for customers designing Mobile WiMAX products based on NextWave’s recently announced NW2000 chipset.