Broadcom BCM92153 HEDGE Reference Design

Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM) recently announced a new HEDGE reference design platform that will significantly accelerate the process of developing next generation smartphones for mass consumer handsets. The new reference design is based on Broadcom’s 65 nanometer single-chip dual-core HSDPA + EDGE multimedia baseband processor and integrates the leading connectivity solutions on a compact, cost efficient platform featuring all-Broadcom® silicon for the major communications components.

The HEDGE reference design platform integrates a HSDPA baseband modem (with world-class application, audio and multimedia processors) and a Category 8 HSDPA modem (that delivers 7.2 Mbps third generation (3G) connectivity for advanced applications) on a single monolithic chip. The platform provides demonstrated support for the three major mobile operating systems. Advanced connectivity features include Broadcom’s industry proven Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, GPS and FM radio technology, along with advanced digital image processing that features support for an up to 3.2 megapixel camera built in. With this level of integration, the new HEDGE reference design platform requires less board space, cost and power than competing solutions, provides fast time-to-market, and eliminates the cost premium typically associated with HSDPA handsets today.

The Broadcom BCM92153 reference design platform is based on the BCM2153 3G baseband processor, the BCM59035 power management unit, and CellAirity(tm) 2.0 software that includes pre-ported applications for HEDGE-based multimedia handsets. The platform also integrates Broadcom’s latest generation Bluetooth, FM and Wi-Fi devices for enhanced voice and multimedia connectivity. The BCM92153 reference design combines the radio frequency (RF) front-end, baseband, high performance multimedia and applications processing functions on a converged design, resulting in reduced bill of materials (BOM) cost and a smaller printed circuit board (PCB) form factor.

The BCM2153 baseband processor also integrates Broadcom’s popular M-Stream technology, which significantly improves voice and data quality in areas with moderate or weak cellular signal condition. The end result is fewer dropped calls, extended range coverage and an overall improved user experience.

The reference design also features the BCM4325 combo solution that includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and FM radio on a single-chip solution, achieving high levels of performance at very low power because it is the first in the industry to be manufactured using 65 nm process geometry. In addition, the design includes the BCM4750 single-chip GPS receiver that leverages Broadcom’s extensive CMOS radio experience to deliver superior performance and lower power than competing solutions.

The BCM92153 includes the BCM59035 power management unit (PMU) that addresses the complex power management features needed in mobile systems and supports dynamic voltage management with two programmable, high efficiency step-down regulators. It also includes eleven high performance programmable low drop-out regulators, an integrated real-time clock and comprehensive battery management support. The BCM59035 also supports USB OTG 200mA Vbus.

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