Digi ConnectCore 9P 9215 Ethernet Networking Module

The ConnectCore 9P 9215, from Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII), is a flexible ARM9-based Ethernet networking module. It features two Flexible Interface Modules (FIMs) built into Digi’s new ARM9 microprocessor that will allow customers to load and use application-specific interfaces such as Secure Digital, Controller Area Network (CAN), 1-Wire, additional UARTs and others. This enables users to custom configure the ConnectCore 9P 9215 for the specific needs of an application. Adding interfaces in the FIMs reduces complexity and overall product cost by minimizing the number of components necessary for a design. The ConnectCore 9P 9215 module is available for $59 in quantities of 1,000.

Digi ConnectCore 9P 9215 Ethernet Networking ModuleThe ConnectCore 9P 9215 offers on-chip AES encryption for secure, fast network communications. The on-chip AES encryption engine provides 10 times the secure data throughput of comparable software-based solutions. In addition, it features low power consumption and advanced power management features including Digi patented switchable processor speed. Digi’s switchable processor speed allows customers to change processor speed from an application or shut down selected features to reduce power use. This makes the ConnectCore 9P 9215 ideal for portable and mobile devices.

The ConnectCore 9P 9215 is based on the new Digi NET+ARM NS9215 microprocessor. Because the module is designed with Digi’s own microprocessor, long-term availability is guaranteed, and an easy conversion path to a cost reduced chip-based design with minimal changes to software is ensured. It is ideal for industrial automation, medical device networking, transportation, security/access control and numerous other applications.

The ConnectCore 9P 9215 also features advanced networking protocols like IPv6, SNMPv3 and SSL. This allows customers to easily upgrade protocols over time without having to replace hardware.

Hardware Features

  • 32-bit Digi NS9215 processor @ 150 MHz (ARM926EJ-S)
  • 2 Flexible Interface Modules (FIMs)
  • On-chip 256-bit AES accelerator
  • Power management modes
  • Up to 16 MB Flash/RAM
  • Up to 4 high-speed UARTs
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • I2C v1.0 bus interface
  • 17-bit address and 16-bit data bus with 2 external chip select
  • 2 external IRQs
  • 12-bit/8-channel ADC
  • Software watchdog timer
  • Up to ten 16-/32-bit timers/counters
  • Quadrature decoder/counter
  • Up to 5 PWM functions
  • 2 general purpose LEDs
  • POR controller
  • JTAG interface
  • Up to 64 shared GPIOs
  • Real-time clock and 64 byte of NVRAM w/external battery backup

More info: Digi ConnectCore 9P 9215