Kozio kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite

The Kozio kDiagnostics(tm) Manufacturing Suite is a new productivity enhancing suite that includes functional test suites for core memories, busses and peripheral devices. kDiagnostics is a complete and thorough automated test setup that reduces operator interaction, speeds up device testing and programming, and provides an easy-to-deploy solution. The new tools enable electronic manufacturers to reduce their effort and cost of getting circuit board production test up and running. Pricing for the host tools starts at $2,450.

Kozio Test Automation: kDiagnostics Manufacturing SuiteWith kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite, testers and developers can quickly build and run thorough board tests, perform in-system programming of any device, capture and report all testing information, and deploy an easy to read “PASS/FAIL” graphical user interface. This new offering addresses the need for better test coverage and the need to eliminate manual and error-prone operations performed on the production line. Before kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite, testers would spend weeks or months assembling device tests from scratch, or from poorly documented test code, using various scripts and utilities. Now, test engineers choose desired tests to run, list all test actions to be performed, and have the operator click start to run the fully-automated sequence. Test development, troubleshooting, execution and reporting can be accomplished from any networked location.

The Manufacturing Suite is an integrated suite of tools that delivers an embedded functional test application for the device under test along with reusable host tools for test sequence execution, test tracking, and test reporting.

What’s Included

  • kDiagnostics(tm) for at-speed functional testing of core memories, busses, and peripherals with automatic in-system programming. Extend test coverage with the included test development kit.
  • SequenceRunner(tm) for test sequence execution. Simply scan it, test it, and track it.
  • SequenceReporter(tm) for test report generation based on a device, test station, and operator.
  • Command Line Interface for integration with existing test executives and processes.

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