Technosoft MxK28335 Motor Control Kits

Technosoft recently announced the MxK28335 DSC Motor Control Kits family based on the TMS320F28335 floating-point digital signal controller (DSC). From basic starter kits to most sophisticated professional kits with complete source code application examples and function libraries, the kits offer a wide range of excellent tools for the design of DSP-based motor control applications. They have a modular structure; users can easily upgrade from a simpler kit to a more powerful one, as the project’s complexity requires it, by adding new software / hardware modules.

To help users quickly develop and test motion control algorithms, the MSK28335 DSC boards use the 150 MIPS computational power of the TMS320F28335, combined with a double-event manager able to drive up to 18 PWM and 16 A/D converters. The embedded CAN interface may be used to connect the board to multiple-axis structures. The kits can be connected to a PC via an RS232 interface to download, execute and debug the software applications without the need of other hardware devices.

The basic MSK28335 kits are designed for users who already have a power module and motor, and want to develop their motion control software application for educational purposes. MSK28335 allow for quick debugging and implementation of the program and evaluation of the DSC.

The MCK28335 kits are complete development platforms that come with a power module and a brushless or an induction motor, representing the perfect tools for digital motion control designs. They enable easy debugging and implementation of the program, and the evaluation of the solution. Two ready-to-run speed control demos (PMSM & BLDC) will let you to start evaluating the motor control using graphical motion analysis, system tuning and different speed reference profiles. They include motion demos, as well as graphical analysis and controller tuning tools. Users have a complete hardware structure of their motion control application. With these kits it is easy to learn ‘F28335 programming using ready-to-run examples with source code and an advanced GUI.

The most sophisticated MCK28335 professional kits also include application examples (in source code) for the control of either brushless or induction motors, and Matlab function libraries, which are Simulink models for the PMSM or induction motor position / speed control. Users can use the kits to easily develop, analyse and test applications. Some real benefits: Simulink motion control models (to generate code, simulate, run on DSP and compare results); no code writing (you will directly run the code generated from the Simulink model); complete hardware and software platforms for motion control application development.

Using the floating-point processor embedded in the Technosoft MxK28335 motor control kits, users will be able to significantly save the development time and effort; specific issues related to fixed-point processors (as saturation, overflow, scaling of parameters and variables) are no longer a problem now.

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