Renesas R8C/25-based BLDC Motor Control Reference Platform

The R8C/25-based BLDC (brushless DC) Motor Control Reference Platform (MCRP), from Renesas Technology, enables engineers to quickly bring the latest motor control technology to appliances, power-tools, fans, pumps, and many other products, while at the same time providing the performance, reliability and power efficiency needed in these systems. At the heart of the reference platform is an R8C/Tiny microcontroller (MCU) that can handle different BLDC motor control algorithms to meet the three primary requirements for motor control applications: cost, performance and flexibility.

A key feature of the BLDC hardware reference platform is adaptability. The R8C/25 based BLDC platform supports the following BLDC motor control algorithms:

  • 120-degree trapezoidal Hall-sensor based BLDC motor control
  • 180-degree sinusoidal Hall-sensor based BLDC motor control
  • 120-degree sensorless (back-EMF) based BLDC motor control using external comparators
  • 120-degree sensorless (back-EMF) based BLDC motor control using the MCU’s on-chip A/D converters

Renesas R8C/25-based Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Control Reference Platform (MCRP)A second feature of the platform is that it helps reduce development risk. The complete hardware and software package is a proven solution. It can be applied with confidence to decrease engineering cost, cut development time, and shorten the time to market for new product introductions.

A third feature of the MCRP is design simplicity. This is accomplished by the implementation of a 2-layer PCB board.

The hardware platform has many features that allow users to experiment during development and debugging. Various configurations are user selectable via jumpers, and LEDs provide a visual indication of the switching pattern of the PWM (pulse-width modulation) signals driving the motor. Integrated debug and communication interfaces that utilize an isolated E8a debug port and an isolated serial port interface provide communication with the host PC. A graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy to perform control operations. Also, to ensure safety, the hardware incorporates over-current protection and an emergency shut-off function.

Price and Availability

Product Name MCU Package Unit Price / Availability
R8C/25-based BLDC Motor Control Reference Platform (YMCRPR8C25) R8C/25 (20MHz, 16-bit) Circuit board with MCU, 24V BLDC Motor, E8a debugger, control algorithms and documentation $499/Q2 2008

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