Tilcon Software Interface Development Suite 5.5.5

Tilcon Software Ltd. recently released of version 5.5.5 of Interface Development Suite (IDS) for embedded GUI and HMI development. Interface Development Suite Version 5.5.5 introduces two new features – Adobe® Photoshop® integration and Codeless Animation. The features are now available to designers who have requirements for creating world class embedded GUI and HMI solutions in such diverse markets as medical, industrial, defense, and automotive, while reducing overall project risks and accelerating time to market. Interface Development Suite 5.5.5 is available now for Windows and Linux host platforms and offers broad target support for embedded devices.

Adobe® Photoshop® integration with Interface Development Suite Version 5.5.5 allows design and development teams to communicate and share ideas much more effectively, while saving time by avoiding costly redesign delays. Now, designers can take advantage of a powerful development approach that fully unifies graphic designers with software engineering teams to collaborate in an open, seamless process, using a common environment for next generation embedded GUI and HMI design.

In addition, designers can now use Tilcon’s exclusive Codeless Animation feature to add high fidelity animation effects to GUI elements such as buttons, switches, graphs, and many more objects. For the first time, embedded developers can now fully prototype the end-user experience right up to and including the finalized user interface, far in advance having a finished product in hand. This innovative approach to embedded software development helps reduce overall risk associated with the new product introductions and also saves costly man-hours of engineering effort by enabling a “right first time” approach.

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