Magma 3D Small-Area Analysis Option

Magma® Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA) recently introduced 3D Small-Area Analysis, an option to Magma’s Knights Camelot(tm) CAD navigation failure analysis software that helps fab engineers locate potential circuit failures faster, accelerating yield improvement within the semiconductor manufacturing environment. Camelot optimizes the equipment and personnel resources of design and semiconductor failure analysis labs by providing computer interfaces and navigation capabilities for more than 50 different types of analysis and test equipment.

With this new Camelot option, fab engineers are able to get a more accurate, detailed picture of device circuitry, including focused ion beam structures, so they can better understand how the circuitry will potentially affect device performance. With this data, engineers can more quickly locate potential defects and make corrections. When combined with Camelot’s industry-leading failure analysis, design-debug and low yield analysis, 3D Small-Area Analysis helps fab engineers locate, analyze and debug circuit failures faster, shortening the turnaround time for error correction and yield improvement.

Magma’s Camelot software system is the next-generation CAD navigation standard for failure analysis, design-debug and yield improvement analysis. Its application tools, features, options and networking capability provide a complete, integrated system for fast and efficient investigation and resolution of inspection, test and analysis jobs. Camelot also enables closer collaboration between product and design groups with failure analysis labs, thus dramatically improving time to yield and market.

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