News – 2008.03.10 Late Edition

Synopsys Improves HSPICE Core Engine Technology
Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS) unveiled improvements to its HSPICE core engine technology that boost performance for complex analog and mixed-signal designs. New multi-threading capabilities in the March 2008 release of the HSPICE simulator speed up circuit simulation. As a result, circuit designers can now run HSPICE post-layout simulations up to three times faster on single-core processors and up to six times faster on four-core processors.

Atrenta Introduces SpyGlass-DFT DSM for Deep Submicron Testing
Atrenta Inc., the leading provider of Early Design Closure® solutions to radically improve design efficiency throughout the IC design flow, announced an addition to its SpyGlass® design analysis platform – SpyGlass-DFT DSM. The new SpyGlass-DFT DSM solution is the industry’s first tool which will accelerate design turnaround times by identifying timing closure issues caused by at-speed testing – early at RTL.

Pentek Rolls Out Model 7150 High Speed Data Converter
Pentek, Inc., one of the pioneers of VME board-level technology, released its Model 7150 High Speed Data Converter, featuring four 200 MHz, 16-bit A/Ds and a pair of high-performance Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs. The 7150 connects directly to the RF or IF inputs of a communications system, delivering the industry’s highest resolution A/Ds and enhanced processing power in a single PMC/XMC module.

IP-XACT 1.4 Supports IP Transactional Modeling, Features TGI
The SPIRIT Consortium(tm), a global non-profit organization focused on establishing multi-faceted IP/tool integration standards that drive sustainable growth in electronic design, has added two key features to its IP-XACT(tm) specification: support for IP using transactional modeling styles and a new tight generator Interface (TGI).

IBM, Hitachi to Research Chip Characteristics at Near Atomic Scale
International Business Machines Corporation (NYSE: IBM) and Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT) (TSE: 6501) announced that they have signed a unique, two-year joint semiconductor metrology research agreement in order to speed the pace of semiconductor innovation. The agreement marks the first time Hitachi and IBM have collaborated on semiconductor technology — the two companies currently work together on enterprise servers and other products.

Actel Fusion PSC Features Enhanced Calibration Capability
Actel Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTL) announced an enhanced software-based calibration capability for its mixed-signal Fusion programmable system chips (PSCs). With analog-to-digital converter (ADC) accuracy as high as 0.53 percent, the new Fusion PSC calibration intellectual property (IP) solution eliminates the additional discrete ADCs and pre-scalers often required to achieve this level of accuracy.

NXP Debuts MIFARE Plus Contactless Smart Card IC
NXP Semiconductors announced MIFARE Plus, a revolutionary contactless smart card IC that offers breakthrough security and performance for the cost-sensitive automated fare collection (AFC) and access control markets. MIFARE Plus is the latest addition to NXP’s MIFARE portfolio, features multiple levels of security, including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, and an easy migration path from existing MIFARE Classic implementations.

austriamicrosystems Unveils AS1507 Dual 8-bit Digital Potentiometer
austriamicrosystems (SWX:AMS), a leading global designer and manufacturer of high performance analog ICs for communications, industrial, medical and automotive applications, expanded its digital potentiometer portfolio with the AS1507, the successor of the AS1506, a 256- tap SPI-interfaced non-volatile dual digital potentiometer available with 10, 50 and 100k Ohms resistance.

International Rectifier Introduces IR3502 XPhase Control IC
International Rectifier, IR® (NYSE:IRF), introduced the IR3502 XPhase® control IC for Intel® VR11.0 and VR11.1 processors. The IR3502 provides overall system control and interfaces with any number of IR’s XPhase® phase ICs, each driving and monitoring a single phase. The IR3502′s key features include 0.5 percent overall system set point accuracy and daisy-chain digital phase timing for accurate phase interleaving without the need for external components.

Microtune Announces MicroTuner MT2063 Low-Power Universal Tuner Chip
Microtune®, Inc. (NASDAQ: TUNE) introduced an optimized tuner unique in meeting multiple TV reception standards (analog/digital and off-air/cable) across worldwide markets. The new universal tuner, the MicroTuner(tm) MT2063, brings low-power consumption and superior multi-standard TV receiver performance to standard consumer products and power-sensitive or space-constrained devices, including small, display TVs, DTT set-top boxes, portable devices and PC-TV products.

Synopsys Announces Multi-Core Initiative for Verification, Design, DFM
Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS) announced its multi-core initiative to deploy advanced parallel, threaded and other optimized compute technologies across its Discovery(tm) Verification and Galaxy(tm) Design platforms, and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) solutions. The initiative aims to enable integrated circuit (IC) design companies to easily maximize the throughput of their multi-core compute infrastructure to reduce time-to-results (TTR).

Verigy Issues Call for Papers for VOICE 2008
Verigy (NASDAQ: VRGY) has issued the call-for-papers for VOICE 2008, the third annual conference for Verigy customers and partners using the V93000 SOC Series and the V5000 Series of memory testers. Paper proposals are welcomed for: Communications; Processors and Converters; High-Speed Digital Interfaces; and Memory (SDRAM, SRAM, Flash, DDR, and high-speed memory), as well as the Test Techniques and Methodologies and Productivity and Software Tools tracks.