iQ Automation Control System Platform

iQ Automation, from Mitsubishi Electric Automation, is an integrated control system platform. iQ Automation is the next generation of Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s automation systems based on the Q Series Automation Platform, a revolutionary architecture that helped define the category known as the “Programmable Automation Controller” (PAC).

At the heart of iQ Automation is the ability to unify any key automation discipline with any other while providing an intuitive set of graphical tools (iQ Works) for productive development and maintenance. In addition, iQ Automation takes the Q Series’ industry-leading integration of sequence, motion, process and PC-based control even further by adding CNC and robot control to the same compact, industrially hardened platform.

Adding to Q Series ability to integrate sequence, process, motion, and PC control on a single backplane, iQ breaks new ground by adding CNC and robot control. This approach eliminates the engineering work needed to integrate disparate control disciplines within the same system. A common set of all other system components shared across the line, such as network interfaces, I/O modules and power supplies, standardizes the required knowledge base and reduces spares investment.

iQ Works is the complementary integrated development environment for iQ Automation that can be used to develop and maintain complete systems, regardless of their control discipline. Thus, even a system that integrates motion, sequence and other components such as HMI can be managed with iQ Works, which combines these tools under a single, seamless graphical front end that intuitively guides the owner or technician through system configuration, development and maintenance.

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