AR Infotek Pipal 6002 Embedded System

The Pipal 6002 embedded system, from AR Infotek, features the Intel® 915GME + ICH 6M high performance chipsets. The Pipal 6002 supports various Intel® Pentium M and Intel® Celeron M processor running at 400/533MHz FSB. With two channels of DDRII SODIMM memory, it can support up to 1.5GB. Inside the system, the Pipal 6002 is designed with a low rotation speed and low noise fan. The high reliable and durable fan can last for a long period of time, making it ideal for systems that needs to be alway on.

AR Infotek Pipal 6002 Embedded SystemThe Pipal 6002 also features a Mini PCI expansion slot. For storage, the system uses a highly reliable Compact Flash Disk-On-Chip flash module. The new embedded system also supports 2.5″ IDE or SATA Hard Drive. The highly flexible chassis design allows the Pipal 6002 to be installed in various environments, such as on a table stand or 19″ rack mount.

The Pipal 6002 embedded system is suitable for various multimedia applications, such as digital signage, POS, automation control, etc. With the Wake-On-LAN feature, the system can be upgraded via the Internet. The Pipal 6002 is ideal for schools, banks, hotels, gallery / museums, and government facilities.

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