Agilent Infiniium DSO90000A Series Oscilloscope

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) broke the one-billion acquisition samples (1 Gpt) barrier for the first time in a high-performance oscilloscope. The new Agilent Infiniium 90000A Series offers the world’s deepest acquisition memory depth and offers the first hardware/software integrated triggering system — InfiniiScan Plus. The InfiniiScan Plus enables 150 picoseconds hardware-event identification and 75 picoseconds software-event identification. The new oscilloscopes includes 2.5, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 13 GHz models with memory options of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1 Gpts. Agilent 90000A Series products are available today at a starting price of $29,000.

Agilent Infiniium DSO90000A Series OscilloscopeThe ultra-deep memory options in the Infiniium oscilloscope are able to capture 25 milliseconds of time, at 40 GSa/s, on all four channels simultaneously. This is a 6x increase over other oscilloscopes in the same class. Powered by Infiniium data accelerator technology, deep memory captures provide the industry’s fastest data offload, with rapid access to offline analysis. This new Infiniium platform provides unmatched measurement performance coupled with Agilent’s already recognized superior signal integrity. Both the DSO and DSA models are capable of more than 150,000 measurements per second and modes supporting over 300,000 triggers per second.

Agilent 90000A Oscilloscope Specifications

  • Bandwidth: 2.5 GHz to 13 GHz bandwidth
  • Channels: 4 analog
  • Sample rate: 20 or 40 GSa/s on all channels
  • Memory: 10 Mpts to 1 Gpts

Agilent 90000A Oscilloscope Features

  • Superior signal integrity: The new Infiniium series will continue to provide industry-leading noise floor on all models (for example, 147 micro-volts rms noise floor at 5 milli-volts per division setting for 2.5 GHz model) using Agilent’s RF design expertise, proprietary packaging technologies and unique CMOS ADC architecture.
  • Deep application analysis: The Agilent 90000A will enable engineers to debug and characterize digital systems faster than ever before. The new InfiniiScan Plus event identification system is based on the world’s fastest hardware trigger system. This new trigger system can identify glitches faster than 250 ps. No other oscilloscope in the world provides this level of trigger accuracy. Infiniium 90000A will offer the only three-level trigger system, combining multiple hardware triggers with the InfiniiScan software, providing virtually infinite trigger combinations for any debug situation. It is also the only scope above 4 GHz bandwidth that offers standard analog high-definition TV triggers to address the emerging HDTV market.
  • Robust applications and memory: With more than 29 applications — including DDR, PCI EXPRESS(r), DisplayPort, HDMI, Serial ATA, Serial Attached SCSI, Ethernet families, USB, wireless USB, jitter analysis, RF signal analysis, eye pattern analysis and protocol decoding analysis — Agilent’s Infiniium 90000A Series oscilloscopes offer the perfect amount of memory to verify application compliance and also debug the most difficult electronic designs shortening their debug and characterization time.
  • Investment protection: Agilent provides investment protection with the industry’s only upgradeable bandwidth for real-time oscilloscopes, upgradeable memory options and the industry’s only application server licensing for oscilloscopes.
  • Revolutionary trigger system, providing nearly infinite trigger combinations for any debug situation
  • Integrated measurement tools such as high-speed serial data analysis and jitter analysis, which mean less training time and debugging time
  • Data analysis at 150,000 measurements per second, reducing characterization and debug time

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