Dynapar Acuro AD34, AD35 Servomotor Encoders

Dynapar recently introduced their new compact Acuro(TM) AD34 and AD35 Series absolute encoder. The new encoders utilize the company’s OptoASIC engine for reliable absolute positioning and speed feedback up to 10,000 RPM. This high-speed capability coupled with an operating temperature range of up to 120oC makes it ideal for use in servomotor applications. In addition to its compact 37mm diameter and short mounting depth, the AD34/35 absolute encoder is available with an unbreakable Mylar code disc (100oC maximum temperature) capable of up to 17 bits of singleturn resolution. The AD34/35 encoder is built to order and immediately available for the general market. List pricing starts around $275.

The new OptoASIC technology is 100% digital. Conventional users will benefit from the available analog sine wave signals for feedback of speed and position data. In addition, the new absolute encoder will provide fully digital position data up to 17 bits over the BiSS interface with a variable clock rate up to 10 MHz. Backward compatibility to most existing drives is not a problem when the unit is ordered with SSI + analog output with 2048 sine/cosine periods per revolution.

Hengstler Acuro AD34 and AD35 Series Servomotor Absolute EncodersThe AD34/35 has an integrated diagnostic system that controls and regulates the data signals within the encoder. Maximum motor uptime is achieved through monitoring of system errors or component aging well before they affect the functionality of the encoder. A code plausibility check guarantees that the output data always represents true position, and operating temperature can be measured and read with eight bit resolution. If programmable limits are exceeded, then the data are transmitted over warning and alarm bits.

The AD34 absolute encoder has an industry-exclusive notched 6mm shaft. What makes this notched shaft unique is its one-step mounting process. The user simply presses the encoder on the motor shaft in one smooth motion and then secures the supplied flexible tether or torque arm. The small notch in the shaft creates a friction fit within the motor shaft, providing a solid mount with high torque transfer without the use of adhesives, mounting screws, or keyways. The encoder is just as easily removed by reversing the steps. The AD35 has a traditional hub shaft arrangement that eliminates the need for flexible couplings.

AD34/35 Encoder Features

  • Fully Digital Control Loop
  • Integrated Diagnostic System
  • Special Mounting Shaft Saves Time and Money

More info: Dynapar