NetLogic NL9000 Hybrid Knowledge-based Processor

The NL9000 knowledge-based processor, from NetLogic Microsystems (NASDAQ: NETL), is the industry’s first fully-programmable “hybrid” knowledge-based processor that features the convergence of high-performance, massively parallel knowledge-based processing with the superior low-power efficiency and flexibility of algorithmic Sahasra(tm) technology to dramatically reduce power consumption while delivering best-in-class performance and functionality for next-generation IPTV and advanced mobile wireless networks.

NetLogic Microsystems’ NL9000 knowledge-based processor offers an advanced “hybrid” architecture that is required to deliver the performance, features and flexibility for IPv6 systems while achieving power savings of up to 5X compared to non-hybrid solutions. This represents an important milestone and innovation for the industry as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) strive to meet stringent low-power requirements for next-generation Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) and high-density datacenter systems.

The NL9000 processor features a number of industry firsts and ground-breaking innovations that differentiate the NL9000 processor from previous generations of knowledge-based processors in terms of flexibility, performance, functionality and power.

NL9000 Processor Features

  • Advanced Sahasra Algorithmic Engines (SAEs)
    Employs complex algorithms to provide customers with the ability to dramatically lower the power of search processing while expanding the effective processing power. The SAEs, which are the result of over seven years of intensive R&D development, are tightly coupled with the knowledge-based processing engines in the “hybrid” NL9000 processor to enable customers to optimally configure the NL9000 processor for the specific application.
  • Intelligent Load Balancing Engine (ILBE)
    The first-of-its-kind engine with embedded intelligence to allocate multiple tasks and communicate among all 64 knowledge-based processing engines on chip, as well as to enable customers to perform iterative or nested search processing on all incoming traffic. This significantly enhances the processing efficiency of next-generation systems.
  • Range Encoding Engine (REE)
    Employs advanced one-hot and fence encoding algorithms to implement range encoding that allows customers to effectively double the efficiency of performing port range inspection.
  • Fifth-generation I/O Design
    Delivers 64Gbps of raw chip-to-chip interconnect bandwidth, which is 60% greater than previous generations of knowledge-based processors. When coupled with the ILBE, customers can achieve up to 100Gbps of effective bandwidth, allowing the NL9000 processor to support the most performance-demanding switching and routing applications currently in design.

The NL9000 knowledge-based processor is one of the most complex logic products manufactured in the advanced 55nm technology node of TSMC. The use of this advanced silicon manufacturing technology further enhances the performance and lowers the power of the NL9000, while providing the most competitive cost structure. The NL9000 is currently sampling to customers.

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