NEC V850ES/Fx3-L Microcontrollers

NEC Electronics recently introduced 13 new 32-bit V850ES/Fx3-L(tm) microcontrollers (MCUs) that offer increased functionality at a low cost for automotive body and safety applications. The new 32-bit devices, which are members of NEC’s F Series MCUs, provide the price/performance ratio required for anti-theft mechanisms, climate control systems, airbags, hands-free systems, and small thin-film-transistor (TFT) products. Samples of the V850ES/Fx3-L MCUs are planned for spring 2008. Volume production is scheduled for autumn 2008.

NEC Electronics’ 0.15-micron process technology enables the new V850ES/Fx3-L devices to execute 29 Dhrystone MIPS (DMIPS) at a clock speed of 20 megahertz (MHz). Flash ROM ranges from 64 to 256 kilobytes (KB) with RAM ranging from 6 to 12 KB, and the devices come in 64-, 80- or 100-pin packages that are pin-compatible with NEC Electronics’ previous-generation V850ES/Fx2(tm) devices, making migration to the new devices seamless and fast.

The new V850ES/Fx3-L MCUs are software and hardware compatible with NEC Electronics’ higher-performing V850ES/Fx3(tm) devices to provide a migration path for future system changes. In addition, all V850ES/Fx3 and V850ES/Fx3-L devices share the same hardware and software development tools.

More info: NEC Automotive Semiconductors