News – 2008.02.04 Late Edition

picoChip, mimoOn Team on LTE Basestation Reference Design
picoChip announced that it is collaborating with mimoOn to deliver the industry’s first complete LTE (Long Term Evolution) basestation reference design. The new PC86xx family of LTE reference designs cover the full range of eNode Bs from femtocells to multi-sector macrocells and is supported on the same common hardware platforms as picoChip’s WiMAX products.

Mitsubishi Electric Introduces iQ Automation Control System Platform
Mitsubishi Electric Automation, a world leader in industrial automation solutions, introduced its iQ Automation integrated control system platform, which may be the fastest and most versatile solution in the industry. iQ Automation is the next generation of Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s highly successful automation systems based on the Q Series Automation Platform, a revolutionary architecture that helped define the category known as the “Programmable Automation Controller” (PAC).

Texas Instruments Unveils TSW4100 Digital Repeater Demonstration Kit
Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) introduced a four-channel wideband digital repeater evaluation module (EVM) that isolates up to four non-contiguous spectrum bands, each as wide as 35 MHz. The TSW4100 also offers a digital filter design tool for wireless basestation OEMs. Taking advantage of TI’s data converter and digital signal processing technologies, the EVM can be used to rapidly implement a proof-of-concept repeater design, reducing time to market by up to 80 percent.

NXP Semiconductors Creates Ultra-Low Power, Single-Chip GPS Solution
Quickly following the January 23rd closing of its acquisition of GPS technology provider GloNav, Inc., NXP Semiconductors announced its first single-chip, Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) solution, designed for use in both mobile phones and standalone personal navigation devices (PNDs). Built on an advanced architecture, NXP’s GNS7560 is the industry’s smallest, lowest power, lowest system cost GPS solution.

Elastix to Develop Design-for-Variability Software
Elastix Corporation, with research and development (R&D) offices here, announced its intent to be the first electronic design automation (EDA) provider to automatically generate variability-aware asynchronous implementations of synchronous, digital integrated circuit (IC) designs.

Mitsubishi Electric Rolls Out e-F@ctory Solution to for Manufacturing
Mitsubishi Electric Automation, a world leader in industrial automation solutions, introduced its e-F@ctory manufacturing solution for all industries at the 12th Annual ARC Forum in Orlando. e-F@ctory is Mitsubishi Electric’s vision for manufacturing and unifies its best-in-class control hardware and networks with enterprise IT systems offered by strategic partner companies, including IBM and ILST.

Texas Instruments TCI6484 DSP Combines MAC, PHY Functions
By combining the math of PHY processing with the logic of MAC processing onto a single chip, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE:TXN] has advanced the functionality of digital signal processors (DSPs) for complex, multiprocessing Beyond 3G cellular infrastructure applications such as HSPA/HSPA+, LTE and WiMAX Wave 2. This new 65nm, single-core 1 GHz DSP also doubles acceleration, delivering improved data throughput and reduced latency for better quality of service – and potentially eliminating the need for a costly RISC co-processor.

QualiPHY Automated Compliance Test Tools Support SATA, UWB, PCIe
LeCroy Corporation enhances its QualiPHY automated serial data compliance test framework to now include QPHY-UWB, QPHY-SATA and QPHY-PCIe. QualiPHY provides digital/analog hardware engineers and technicians with a superior, highly-automated compliance test tool for developing and validating the electrical (PHY) layer of a device, in accordance with the official documents published by the applicable standards organizations and Special Interest Groups.

UMC University Program Members to Present Papers at ISSCC
UMC (NYSE: UMC, TSE: 2303), a leading global semiconductor foundry, announced that its University Program members are presenting eight papers here this week. The papers unveil innovative semiconductor technology developments. The presentation of these papers demonstrates the success of UMC’s University Program in cultivating university talent.

In-Stat Publishes Report on Femtocell, Fixed-mobile Convergence
The hype surrounding fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) and femtocells continues to grow, but it is likely that neither technology will live up to expectations, reports In-Stat. There is much interest in fixed-mobile service (FMS) enabled by femtocells and FMC among consumers, with the promise of more convenience and lower costs, the high-tech market research firm says. Femtocells are micro-base stations designed for home use that support mobile connectivity over the broadband facility.

Fujitsu Laboratories Creates First 77GHz CMOS-based Power Amplifier
Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd. announced the development of a millimeter-waveband power amplifier (PA) using standard 90nm CMOS process technology. Targeting millimeter-wave applications, Fujitsu Labs developed a standard CMOS modeling technology and design techniques to minimize high-frequency signal loss, thereby enabling the development of the world’s first CMOS-based PA that operates at 77GHz.

Aimetis AIRA Video Solution Supports ATEME VSIP2 H264 IP Encoder
Aimetis Corp., the leader in intelligent video surveillance technology, announced that the company’s acclaimed video software solution AIRA now supports the H264 version of the ATEME VSIP2(tm) encoder. ATEME, world leader in MPEG-4/H.264 video compression solutions for the video security industry, has a full range of complete solutions. Its VSIP2 product is a compact audio/video encoder for transmitting any analog video source over IP networks.