CoFluent Reader for Model Viewing

CoFluent Reader, from CoFluent Design, is a model viewer and player. CoFluent Reader enables users to browse and view free graphical models captured with CoFluent Studio, which is an ESL visual architecture development environment. With CoFluent Reader, simulations of models can be played back for observing real-time results. CoFluent Reader is available for all users of CoFluent Studio v2.2.

Models created with CoFluent Studio serve as executable specification for the design of complex mixed hardware/software embedded systems and systems-on-chip. Models and their simulation results represent a much more effective way for capturing, analyzing, verifying and validating the expected functional and performance properties of an electronic system.

CoFluent Reader Benefits

  • Facilitates and improves communications and exchanges between project members, including distributed teams and third-parties, on the basis of unambiguous executable specifications
  • Accelerates discussion and feedback cycles between marketers, end-users, specification engineers, architects and designers, through a common communication medium
  • Secures investments by providing a perpetual model player

With CoFluent Reader, teams and projects can directly exchange models rather than paper and establish an unambiguous common reference view for all project stakeholders.

More info: CoFluent Design