Nangate Library Creator 2.0

Library Creator 2.0, from Nangate, is a fully validated, silicon proven library creation platform. Library Creator 2.0 is already in use at IDMs, foundries, and fabless IC design companies around the world. The enhanced compaction engine is up to 50 times faster than the previous version and 85% of the cells are now compacted to maximum achievable theoretical density straight out of the tool with no manual intervention. The built-in topology and GDSII editors allow users to fine-tune the remaining 15% of cells. Library Creator version 2.0 is available in several packages starting at $150,000 for a one-year time-based license.

Nangate Library CreatorLibrary Creator v2.0 Features

  • Technology support for process development and cell architecture exploration in process nodes down to 32nm
  • Support for double-height and multi-stage cells
  • Additional cell sizing strategies (including logical effort, maximum diffusion, equal output transition, etc.)
  • Optional integrated characterization with support for state of the art modeling methods (NLDM/NLPM, CCS and ECSM)
  • Third-party plug-ins for Spice, LVS, DRC, PEX and DFM
  • Full process design-rule support providing full overview of complex foundry design rules, even for the most advanced CMOS processes and ensures that all necessary parameters have been pre-qualified, so that all cells are DRC clean by construction
  • Intelligent library planner allowing fast and easy design space exploration with minimal data entry, which enables users to define and create the optimal library for the application in a minimum of time
  • Scalable parallel processing ensuring performance scales practically linearly with the number of computing nodes and parallel simulations
  • Built-in Spice simulator and Parasitic Extraction Engine with optional interfaces to third-party Spice simulators and extraction engines, ensuring that you have an all-inclusive package for reduced cost of ownership, while still preserving the ability to use your preferred Spice simulator or parasitic extraction engine
  • Full scripting interface support provides the flexibility to integrate Nangate Library Creator into existing design flows, and perform design goal searching through iterative loops
  • Extensive checking through formal, DRC and LVS verification to ensure high-quality results

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