Waytronx WayCool U350GX, U400NT Cooler Reference Designs

Waytronx, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: WYNX) recently introduced two new reference designs to enable OEMs and ODMs to manage severe thermal issues in advanced processors. The WayCool(TM) U350GX Graphics Cooler reference design offers a noiseless thermal management solution to address extreme heat challenges from powerful graphics chips. The WayCool(TM) U400NT reference design is the industry’s first single-slot 400-Watt integrated cooler that can manage multiple heat sources on the motherboard, including high-end graphics and video game cards. WayCool U400NT and WayCool U350GX reference designs include bill of materials, engineering drawings, application notes, test results and samples, and are available through licensing agreements.

The WayCool U350GX and WayCool U400NT are pre-defined, tested reference designs customized to address intense heat and improve performance for specific engineering combinations. The reference designs are developed from the breakthrough WayCool(TM) Thermal Management Architecture, a complete, advanced cooling platform comprised of the patented WayCool(TM) Carbon Technology for greater heat transfer capacity, WayCool Quiet Fans for a quiet cooling, and the patented WayCool Hybrid Mesh for advanced liquid cooling isothermicity.

Waytronx WayCool U350GX Graphics CoolerWayCool U350GX
The WayCool U350GX reference design is a standalone, 350-Watt graphic card cooling solution which can be universally adapted to cool the extreme heat generated from high performance graphic cards. The WayCool Carbon technology and WayCool hybrid mesh heat transport solution complement the U350GX, and silently address heat generated by high-profile graphic chips such as nVidia 8800 and ATI 3870XT in demonstrations. The WayCool U350GX, which can cool entire graphics subsystems, also offers OEM, ODM and system designers a flexible and quiet heat removal platform. Much like the U400NT, the U350GX’s unique hybrid solution allows it to also be plumbed to alternative heat sources such as memory or northbridge chipsets.

Waytronx WayCool U400NT integrated coolerWayCool U400NT
The WayCool U400NT reference design is the industry’s first 400-Watt integrated CPU and peripherals cooler that allows the thermal management of advanced electronics in a single-slot configuration. The WayCool U400NT, which can be plumbed to alternative heat sources such as graphic cards, memory, or northbridge chipsets, allows one cooler to manage multiple heat sources on the motherboard without fans, multiple pumps or additional loss of real estate. WayCool U400NT design is a quiet solution that addresses severe thermal issues by pumping heat from the graphic chip back to a single high capacity cooler over the CPU for aerial disbursement. For system designers looking to build smaller and more powerful gaming PCs, workstations and portable devices, the U400NT design is a cost-effective, tested and efficient solutions that can significantly accelerate time-to-market.

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