News – 2008.01.28 Late Edition

Nokia Acquires Trolltech
Nokia and Trolltech ASA announced that they have entered into an agreement that Nokia will make a public voluntary tender offer to acquire Trolltech, a company headquartered in Oslo, Norway and publicly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Trolltech is a recognized software provider with world-class software development platforms and frameworks. In addition to the key software assets, its talented team will play an important role in accelerating the implementation of Nokia’s software strategy.

SRC, University of Florida Announce $10 Automotive Radar Chip
Researchers at University of Florida and Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), the world’s leading university-research consortium for semiconductors and related technologies, announced vital progress in development of an automotive radar integrated circuit that relies on low-cost, widely accepted CMOS technology. Electronics for automotive radars currently cost hundreds of dollars to manufacture, resulting in radar systems that each cost car buyers thousands of dollars. By contrast, the new silicon-based radar chip could cost just US$10 to produce.

Denali Introduces FlashPoint NAND Flash Platform for PCI Express
Denali Software, Inc., a world-leading provider of electronic design automation (EDA) software and intellectual property (IP), announced the availability of its system-on-chip (SoC) platform product FlashPoint(tm). The FlashPoint platform is a complete system design that provides a PCI Express (PCIe) interface to high-performance NAND Flash memory. The platform uses a sophisticated design configuration engine that enables the system to be tuned for optimal performance with differentiating features for a range of products, including PC cache modules, solid state drives (SSD), and ExpressCard(tm) devices.

MosChip Single-Chip, Single-Lane PCI Express to Peripheral Controller
MosChip Semiconductor Technology Ltd., a leading provider of high performance connectivity solutions for consumer, industrial and computing applications, announced the worldwide availability of a single-chip, single-lane PCI Express (PCIe) to peripheral controller with support for serial, parallel, ISA and USB interfaces and standards. Already in use by some customers, the solution comes with a comprehensive system design package. The MCS9901CV is the world’s first PCIe to peripheral I/O controller to have more than 21 combinations of Serial, Parallel, USB and ISA interface options.

Enea Releases LINX for Linux 2.0 for Interprocess Communications
Enea (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA)(STO:ENEA), a world leading provider of network software and services, announced the release of Enea® LINX for Linux 2.0, which includes protocol and feature negotiation to enable seamless upgrades of system subsets with newer versions of the protocol, without concern for backwards compatibility with non-upgraded portions of the system. This addition to the protocol ensures forward and backward compatibility with all future versions of LINX for Linux.

Adaptive Digital Technologies Debuts G.168 Plus Packet Echo Canceller
Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc. (Adaptive Digital) is proud to announce the newest addition to its family of echo cancellation products. The VoIP G.168 Plus(tm) packet echo canceller has the unparalleled ability to handle round-trip delays of up to 512 milliseconds. This ability to cancel echoes with exceptionally long delays, coupled with a built-in awareness and handling of packet-loss makes G.168 Plus uniquely suitable for VoIP applications.

IEEE New Standards Committee Forms P802.3ba Task Force
The Ethernet Alliance announced that the IEEE New Standards Committee (NesCom) has approved the Higher Speed Study Group’s project authorization request (PAR), and the resulting project will now be known as the IEEE P802.3ba task force. The task force recently held its first interim session, January 23-25 in Portland, Oregon to review proposals to be considered for the draft standard.

Wavecom, Ingenico Team on Wireless Electronic Payment Terminals
Wavecom SA (Paris:AVM) (NASDAQ:WVCM) (ISIN:FR0000073066) announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding that sets the framework for co-development of future wireless payment electronics terminals with Ingenico. As industry demand for cost effective and innovative payment systems grows, two leaders – Ingenico a leading supplier of electronic payment terminals and Wavecom a leader in industrial wireless technology – are combining forces to establish a platform for a next generation wireless electronic payment system architecture.