News – 2008.01.27

ADLINK Unveils Multi-Slot PCI Express-to-PCI Extension Systems
ADLINK Technology Inc. introduces a new series of multi-slot PCI Express®-to-PCI extension systems: the PCES-8581-4S, offering expandability to four PCI slots, and the PCES-8581-13S, offering expandability to 13 PCI slots. The PCES-8581 series extends 5 V and 3.3 V PCI slots to a PCI Express®-based computer via a cable connection up to 23 feet (7 meters) in length. PCI devices installed in the extension system behave and work as if they are directly installed in the host system and do not require any additional driver or software installation.

SynaptiCAD Upgrades Free WaveViewer for Waveform Viewing
SynaptiCAD has recently released a new version of its popular free waveform viewing tool, WaveViewer. The new version adds the ability to read several additional waveform formats, a number of significant performance enhancements, and several new features to improve the waveform browsing experience.

Concurrent Technologies Rolls Out VP 417/031-RC VME Dual PMC/XMC SBC
For harsh operating environments, Concurrent Technologies introduced a VME64 single board computer supporting a dual-core processor, IEEE 1101.2 conduction-cooling and dual PMC/XMC sites. The single-slot VP 417/031-RC uses the mobile dual core processor and server chipset from the Intel embedded roadmap – combining the performance of the 1.5 GHz Intel® Core(tm) 2 Duo processor with the Intel® E7520 server class chipset interfacing with up to 4 Gbytes of soldered DDR2 ECC SDRAM at up to 6.4 Gbytes/s. The VP 417/031-RC family is I/O compatible with the popular and long standing VP 315/021-RC family and gives an even greater improvement in measured performance/watt.

IRIS Technologies Debuts PCI Express cards with TI DSPs
Enabling customers to quickly develop their designs, IRIS Technologies announces a range of PCI Express cards, which contain two Texas Instruments TMS320C6416T DSPs running at 1 GHz and two FPGAs with 70,000 logic elements each for use as re-configurable and re-programmable development/deployment platforms. Customers in the telecom, medical imaging and defense markets can take advantage of the ability to use the boards stand alone or in an IRIS development or deployment system.

VaST Systems Hosts Fabless Virtualization Seminar
VaST Systems will host a seminar titled “Changing the Game, Virtually, in Fabless” on January 31 in the San Jose Convention Center Hilton from 10 am to 1:30 p.m. The seminar will provide insight and discussion in the application of virtualization technology to speed production and reduce development cost of electronic systems.