Kontron Single Board Computers with Intel Pentium M

Kontron recently launched three fanless single board computers. The new SBCs feature 600 MHz Intel® Pentium® M processor, 512KB L2 cache, and 852GM chipset. This trio is based on the PC/104-plus, EPIC, and JRex form factors and meets the needs of any small embedded application that requires mid-level performance with the lowest power consumption. These new PC/104, EPIC and JRex designs are particularly attractive for embedded applications. The boards offer higher processing speed without higher power consumption.

Kontron MOPS-PM, EPIC/PM, JRex/PM Single Board Computers

Depending on the requirements of their application, OEMs can chose between the three form factors. The 90mm x 96mm Kontron MOPS-PM PC/104-plus design is ideal for the most space-saving PCI and ISA designs. The Kontron EPIC/PM is the best choice for PCI and ISA applications requiring external standard PC interfaces soldered onto the CPU board. In addition, the Kontron EPIC-PM features a single power supply solution for ATX and 5V by an enclosed adapter. Applications that rely on JFLEX-based expansions are ideal for the Kontron JRex/PM. The Kontron JRex/PM 3.5-inch single board computer is similar to EPIC with standard PC interfaces on the baseboard and is purely PCI-based. The JRex uses only SMT components, making it an even more cost-saving design – compared to press-fit.

Equipped with the Intel® 852GM GMCH and Intel® ICH-4 southbridge, the three new single board computer variants deliver an optimized integrated graphics solution with an energy-efficient 400 MHz system bus and integrated 133 MHz 32-bit 3D core. All three boards support up to 1GB of DDR 333 system memory.

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