News – 2008.01.24

STMicroelectronics Debuts Latest Bluetooth, FM-Radio Transceiver SoC
STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM), a leader in wireless connectivity solutions for mobile and consumer markets, introduced its 4th-generation Bluetooth®/FM Radio combo solution, which meets the demanding integration and cost requirements of the cellular phone market. By combining Bluetooth wireless personal-area-network functionality with an FM radio transceiver in a single 65nm chip, the STLC2690 offers leading-edge integration and performance.

Mobile Phone Shipments Grow by 12%, Nokia Achieves 40% Market Share
According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global mobile phone shipments grew a modest 12 percent year-over-year, to reach 1.12 billion units in 2007. Nokia had a strong fourth quarter and reached 40% share for the first time ever. Bonny Joy, Analyst at Strategy Analytics said, “Global cellphone shipments rose to 1.12 billion units in 2007, up 12% from 1.00 billion in 2006. We expect the economic environment to be tougher this year and forecast slower growth of 10%, for 1.24 billion units worldwide in 2008.”

Concurrent Creates StorageMaster for Ultra Dense Storage
Concurrent (Nasdaq: CCUR), a worldwide leader of on-demand and real-time computing technology, announced the launch of a new product line providing advanced storage solutions to the ultra-high performance segment of the general storage market. Concurrent’s StorageMaster line will address the niche areas of the storage market that require very high-speed storage and retrieval, critical data I/O capability and advanced data prioritization. The new products feature unique strengths from both Concurrent’s on-demand and real-time product lines.

InvenSense Develops Smallest Dual-Axis Gyroscope
InvenSense, the leading provider of award-winning motion-sensing solutions for portable consumer electronics, announced the introduction of the IDG-1100 family of dual-axis gyroscopes, the world’s smallest solution at 4 x 5 x 1.2 mm. InvenSense’s dual-axis gyroscopes, which integrate both the micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) resonating structures and compensating complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) electronics at the silicon wafer level, is 25% smaller than any competing dual-axis gyro solution on the market today.

Mentor Graphics Updates Serial ATA Host Device IP Controller
Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) announced immediate availability of updated Serial ATA (SATA) Host/Device Intellectual Property (IP) controllers with added support for the most commonly used features in the latest SATA specification, Revision 2.6. Including support for features such as Native Command Queuing and Asynchronous Notification, Mentor is ensuring their customers will continue reducing time to market with storage-based products, including hard and optical disk drives, network storage applications and consumer electronics.

ProDesign Launches CHIPit QuickSilver Edition for ASIC Prototyping
ProDesign, leading supplier of high-speed ASIC and SoC verification platforms, announced the CHIPit QuickSilver Edition, the newest member of the successful CHIPit ASIC Prototyping family. The CHIPit QuickSilver gives ASIC, SoC and IP design verification engineers flexibility and performance to debug designs in the most cost-effective way. QuickSilver provides early prototypes for software development or end customers to eliminate respins and shorten time to market dramatically.

Synplify Premier 9.0 Features Expanded FPGA Device Support
Synplicity®, Inc. (Nasdaq:SYNP), a leading supplier of innovative IC design and verification solutions, announced that its Synplify® Premier software has been enhanced to provide more time-to-market benefits to designers using high-density FPGAs. In release 9.0, the company’s award winning(1) graph-based physical synthesis technology has been optimized for Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs to deliver exceptional timing closure, analysis and debug for these advanced devices. This latest release extends the graph-based physical synthesis technology which has been implemented for Xilinx Spartan-3, Virtex-II Pro and Virtex-4 FPGAs for more than two years. Synplicity also announced it has extended these benefits to FPGA designers targeting Altera Stratix-III, Stratix-II and Stratix-II GX FPGAs, through the company’s Synplify Premier Beta Program.

Kontron Introduces COM Express Compliant ETXexpress MiniBaseboard
Kontron introduced the extremely compact and COM Express compliant ETXexpress miniBaseboard with a footprint of merely 170 mm x 145mm. For applications designed to run on COM Express compliant designs, the Kontron ETXexpress miniBaseboard serves as a universal platform for rapid software validation. Additionally, it is a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming full custom designs for small volume projects based on COM Express compliant ETXexpress modules. These include the ETXexpress-PM (Intel® Pentium® M / Intel Celeron(tm) M ), ETXexpress-CD (Intel® Core Duo), ETXexpress-MC (Intel® Core2 Duo) and ETXexpress-CN8 (VIA® C7 processor).

Target Compiler Technologies Announces Strong Growth in Japan
At the start of the Electronic Design and Solutions Fair in Yokohama, Belgian EDA vendor Target Compiler Technologies said that its tools for the design of application-specific processors (ASIPs) are enjoying an increasingly strong adoption by the Japanese electronics industry. Target’s “IP Designer” tool suite (formerly “Chess/Checkers”) is especially being used by system-on-chip (SoC) design groups, in the context of advanced multimedia and wireless system designs.