Agilent N5970A Interactive Functional Test Software

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced their new N5970A Interactive Functional Test (IFT) software for its 8960 Series 10 (E5515C) Wireless Communications Test Set. The new IFT software provides an automated and simplified interface for realistically testing “user experience” by stress testing cellular mobile devices in real-world network scenarios. By allowing earlier identification of design issues and reducing time to market, the software is ideal for UMTS mobile phone/device developers conducting functional validation, as well as service providers performing acceptance testing.

Interactive Functional Test Features

  • Interactive Testing – select simultaneous operations to emulate real-world device operation with competing data (ftp, http ,UDP), services (SMS/MMS), and call processing interactions
  • Test scenario control – on-screen control of application test parameters such as content size, rate, sequence and duration
  • Smart user interface – manual user interface with test condition selections as well as optional script programming interface including drag and drop control of test conditions for automated script generation
  • Analysis and troubleshooting tools – real-time display of current drain with real time display – and control – of AWGN and cell power impairments
  • Network configuration wizard – on-screen, automated set-up and operation of test equipment, phone control and server interfaces

Agilent’s N5970A IFT software provides an automated solution for functional test, including parallel test execution, reducing the time it takes to validate a design and allowing more testing in a given release cycle. It can simultaneously test call processing, ftp and SMS — for example, while monitoring current drain and changing the RF power to the phone — to provide a real network test. This solution brings more realistic testing into the design cycle earlier, enabling the user to more easily modify the design. It also ensures the user is able to find complex issues — whether related to hardware, protocol or software — that are specific to how the cellular mobile device will function on the network. Finding such “user experience” issues before a device is rolled out to the network significantly reduces expensive validation cycles.

Agilent N5970A Interactive Functional Test Software for Wireless Communications Test Set

The IFT software also includes a failure analysis/troubleshooting toolset that enables the user to find corner-case issues in data throughput, protocol and current drain. It provides the data necessary to resolve the issue, reducing problem-resolution time and time to market. By testing beyond the Conformance tests, the IFT software identifies trivial issues early in the design process that can slow down the launch of the design, thereby increasing validation, IOT and field-test success.

Another key feature of the IFT software is its ability to provide easy phone control in situations where the phone UI is not yet fully developed or is not part of the product design (e.g., a data card). This capability greatly simplifies user access to varied and complex commands.

U.S. Pricing
Agilent’s new N5970A Interactive Functional Test software for the 8960 Wireless Communications Test Set is priced as follows:

N5970A Interactive Functional Test software $ 20,000
E5515C 8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications Test Set $ 37,500
E5515C-003 Flexible CDMA base station emulator $ 6,100
E5515C-002 Second source for GSM/GPRS/EGPRS test $ 3,000
E5515C-H08 Special high data rate/high performance hardware $ 10,000
E6703T HSPA Lab Application $ 37,700
E6701T GGE Lab Application $ 41,500
E6720A-001 Annual contract $ 8,000
E6720A-003 Annual contract $ 12,000
14565B Device characterization software (battery drain), optional $ 1,800

More info: Agilent N5970A Interactive Functional Test Software