Mentor Graphics Nucleus OS – Safe File System

Nucleus® OS, from Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT), now features Safe File System capability. The software provides virtually 100% power-fail resiliency required in highly reliable multimedia devices with resident NOR, NAND and DataFlash flash storage. The Safe File System feature eliminates file glitches from abrupt system terminations, effectively improving customer experience, reducing the need for field repair and avoiding unnecessary warranty returns. The royalty free Nucleus OS – Safe File System for flash devices is available immediately.

The basic method of operation of the Nucleus OS Safe File System is relatively simple — a complete new file system must be made available for use before any information is erased. In this way, if the worst happens, the system can be rebuilt either in its pre-write form (as if the write had never started) or with the new modifications included. This is not possible to guarantee with a DOS compatible file system and with many other file systems. While the concept is simple, write and erase times can be relatively long on flash devices. It is extremely important to ensure the number of these operations is minimized. The Nucleus OS Safe File System solution is highly reliable, the system architecture is fast and efficient, and the file system enables fast boot.

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