Wavecom Q64 Wireless CPU

The Q64 Wireless CPU®, from Wavecom SA (Paris:AVM) (NASDAQ:WVCM) (ISIN:FR0000073066), is an enhanced version of the GR64 that is powered by Wavecom’s Wireless Microprocessor® WMP100. The Q64 will have a host of new features in the same form factor as the GR64 thus facilitating integration into existing customer product designs. Engineering samples of the new Q64 are available now with commercial availability scheduled in March 2008. The Q64 is not a replacement for the GR64, which is still available.

Key Features

  • Core processor: ARM9, 32bit, 104MHz running Open AT® RTOS as standard
  • Memory: Fully embedded Flash and RAM for developer use
  • Digital Control: Up to 16 GPIO, USB
  • Digital Comms: 2 UART, I2C
  • Analogue Interfaces: ADC
  • Audio Interfaces: 2 analogue channels, PCM
  • Cellular Radio: Global operation (quad band 800/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Cellular Data: GSM standard SMS, CSD (circuit), GPRS cl 10 (packet)
  • Cellular Voice: Quad codec (FR/HR/EFR/AMR)
  • Package: 60pin, 50mm x 33mm x 6.8 mm

The new Q64 Wireless CPU® has increased processing power (up to 85 MIPS available for embedded customer applications) and the Open AT® RTOS (Real Time Operating System) that allows customers to natively execute C-based applications directly on the Wireless CPU®. It also supports new features like IDS (Intelligent Device Services) for remotely upgrading and monitoring devices, new I/Os including USB as well as additional Internet connectivity features such as FTP, HTTP and more Security options. Through the use of Wavecom’s latest Open AT® Software Suite version 2.0, numerous Plug-Ins such as Airbiquity’s aqLink® and Lua scripting are also available.

The Q64 will be able to interface with a wide variety of companion offerings — including GPS and Bluetooth — and will have access to Wavecom’s inSIM(tm) technology (embedded industrial-grade SIM chip). The Q64 comes with the new GR Plug-In, available as a library and source code, for providing compatibility with Wavecom-owned GR64-specific AT commands.

More info: Wavecom Q64 Wireless CPU