MathWorks Embedded IDE Link MU

Embedded IDE Link(tm) MU, from The MathWorks, is a new product for model-based design. Embedded IDE Link MU automatically deploys code generated from Simulink® models into the Green Hills® MULTI® integrated development environment (IDE), enabling seamless execution on a wide range of embedded microprocessors, including the Freescale(tm) Power Architecture(tm) (formerly called PowerPC®). Embedded IDE Link MU is available immediately and compatible with a wide range of microprocessors supported by MULTI, including the Freescale MPC5554 and MPC7447, NEC® V850, and Analog Devices® Blackfin®. U.S. list prices start at $2,000.

Embedded IDE Link MU provides an automated workflow and easy migration path between modeling and embedded development environments for prototyping, deployment, and verification of automatically generated code, bridging the functions of systems and software engineers. In addition, the combination of MULTI and Model-Based Design helps decrease code and system defects that may result from hand-coding and greatly improves overall test quality.

With Embedded IDE Link MU, processor-in-the-loop (PIL) simulation tests can be conducted using a Simulink model as the test harness to quickly identify inconsistencies between algorithm behavior on the target processor and its original model simulation. Furthermore, MATLAB® can be utilized to interactively graph and analyze results while testing and debugging code within MULTI, regardless of whether the code is hand-written or generated from a Simulink model.

More info: The MathWorks | Green Hills Software