PI M-664 Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motor Drive

Physik Instrumente’s (PI) M-664 micropositioner is a a new family of ultrasonic piezo-motor-driven linear stages. Typical applications include automation, medical devices, test and measurement equipment, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and analytical equipment. For improved guiding accuracy, the M-664 uses two crossed roller bearings mounted on ground aluminum profiles. A direct metrology linear encoder with 0.1 µm resolution provides high linearity and positioning accuracy. The integrated P-664 PILine® linear piezo motor can generate push/pull forces up to 6 N (1.3 pounds) and maximum closed-loop velocities to 400 mm/s over the 25 mm travel range.

PI M-664 Low-Profile High-Speed Linear Stage with Linear EncoderThe ultrasonic piezo linear motor drive is based on an ultra-compact standing-wave PZT ceramic element. At the heart of the system is a rectangular monolithic piezoceramic plate (the stator), segmented on one side by two electrodes. Depending on the desired direction of motion, the left or right electrode of the piezoceramic plate is excited to produce high-frequency eigenmode oscillations of tens to hundreds of kilohertz. An alumina friction tip (pusher) attached to the plate moves along an inclined linear path at the eigenmode frequency.

For optimum performance, the highly specialized C-886 motion controller is available. This sophisticated controller also integrates the drive electronics. A number of special features, including dynamic parameter switching for an optimized high-speed motion and settling behavior, take into account the motion characteristics typical of piezomotors. The broad-band encoder input (35 MHz) supports the high accelerations and velocities intrinsic to the PILine® piezo motors.

Features and Advantages

  • Easy Integration due to Very Small Footprint and Only 15 mm Profile Height
  • Vacuum Compatible and Non-Magnetic Versions
  • High Acceleration to 20 g for fast Start/Stop and High-Speed Scanning
  • Self-Locking when Powered Down, No Servo Dither in Steady State
  • Fast: to 400 mm/s (16 inch/sec) for Time Sensitive Applications
  • No Heat Generation / Power Consumption in Steady State
  • High Accuracy Direct Metrology Linear Encoder, 0.1 µm Resolution
  • Crossed Roller Bearings for Improved Guiding Accuracy
  • Travel Ranges 20, 25 and 50 mm (0.8 to 2 inch)

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