Xceive SN5000 SiliconNOW TV Tuner Module

The SN5000 SiliconNOW tuner module, from Xceive Corporation, delivers high quality images while exceeding worldwide analog and digital TV requirements for terrestrial and cable reception. The SN5000 helps TV manufacturers bridge the gap between yesterday’s CAN tuner architecture and tomorrow’s silicon-based TV tuner architecture. Samples of the SN5000 are available now. The SN5000 is priced competitively with the equivalent CAN tuner.

The SN5000 features Xceive’s XC5000 silicon tuner and is optimized for flat panel television screens. With the XC5000 inside, the SN5000 offers consistent, tight operating variances over millions of units to help minimize cause for recalls. Featuring integrated programmable DSP to optimize hardware and achieve world-class tuner performance, the SN5000 is configured to meet all television standard requirements, regardless of the geographic location, and exceeds the requirements of ATSC, OpenCable, DVBT/C/H, DMB-TH, and ISDB-T standards. The SN5000 measures only 50mm x 27mm while maintaining a physical footprint to provide instant compatibility with existing CAN architecture TV design. Overall, the SN5000 exceeds the parameters of a typical CAN tuner, resulting in higher quality video images and, ultimately, a better user experience.

With its high level of integration and quick response time, the SN5000 delivers functionalities and features that are virtually unheard of in conventional CAN tuners. Featuring Xceive’s QuickTune(tm) technology, the SN5000 offers ultra fast per channel signal detection and provides a complete channel scan of more than 100 channels in less than five seconds. Another available feature includes ChannelVista(tm), Xceive’s advanced picture-in-picture (PIP) television technology allowing the viewer to watch up to 12 video channels simultaneously with a single tuner.

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