PSA2701T Spectrum Analyzer

The PSA2701T, made by Thurlby Thandar Instruments, is a new type of instrument that utilizes the power of a handheld computer to provide engineer the opportunity to own a powerful 2.7GHz spectrum analyzer. Weighing about a pound, PSA2701T offers sweep modes of continuous, single, peak hold and average (up to 256 sweeps) with unlimited storage for waveforms, set-ups and fully annotated screens under user defined file names.

PSA2701T is built around a Palm T|X handheld computer, so data transfer to a PC for analysis, documentation, and printing is easy via the built-in mini USB connector. Additional benefits include Wi-Fi (802.11b), Bluetooth 1.1, and Infrared interfaces. Bitmap images of the whole screen can be stored for viewing or printing. Applications like word processing and spreadsheets, contacts and appointments, multi-function calculator, picture viewing, audio and video players, plus web and email access via WiFi and Bluetooth, can all run on PSA2701T, making it an extremely versatile service tool.

PSA2701T features -93dBm typical noise floor, -20 or 0dBm reference level, a zero span mode with AM and FM audio demodulation, and resolution bandwidths of 1MHz, 280kHz, 15kHz. PSA2701T’s sweep parameters can be set as ‘centre plus span’ or ‘start plus stop’ to 1 kHz resolution. A ‘zero span mode’ with AM or FM demodulation is also provided. Stored reference traces can be displayed simultaneously with live trace, clearly differentiated by color, the reference trace being automatically shifted and scaled to match the current sweep parameters when they are changed. Control of the compact 6.7″ x 3.8″ x 1.85″ analyzer is by soft keys on the touch screen, or by using the handheld’s hard keys.

PSA2701T is a cost effective, highly portable tool, allowing a spectrum analyzer to go to areas that have traditionally been a problem to access with bench top instruments. WiFi and RFID site testing are expected to be popular uses for the PSA2701T, but EMC and RF/clock interference can be quickly evaluated too.

The PSA2701T is available now for $1999 from Saelig Co. Inc. Saelig Co. Inc.

More info: PSA2701T Spectrum Analyzer | Saelig