JEDA OCPchecker OCP Verification Library

JEDA Technologies’ OCPchecker is a system-level verification library for Open Core Protocol (OCP) based system designs in SystemC. OCPchecker comprehensive protocol correctness and configuration parameter consistency checks allow OCP system designers and architects to create stable virtual systems faster than in-house solutions. The library enforces OCP compliance checking, pinpoints protocol violations, and collects functional coverage information under system-level simulation. JEDA’s OCPchecker saves OCP virtual-platform users time and effort in reaching system-level simulation goals.

OCPchecker is built on top of NSCa, JEDA’s Native SystemC comprehensive transaction-level to cycle-level temporal assertion development, runtime and debug environment. NSCa was designed for system engineers, architects, design engineers, and ESL model creators in applications like virtual platforms or high-level synthesis design implementation.

OCPchecker Features:

  • Protocol property checks for OCP2.2, OCP2.1 and OCP2.0
  • User configuration and parameter checking
  • Extensibility, for users who want to add new protocol checks
  • Self-adaptive configuration to a user environment
  • Assertion debugging environment with assertion coverage report and analysis
  • Ease of use, with plug and play into an OCP Channel

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