Imsys IM3910 Reconfigurable System on Chip

The Imsys’ IM3910 is a reconfigurable system on chip (RSoC). It features high energy-efficiency and ability to deliver a sustained throughput of 83 MB/s. The IM3910 is ideal for I/O-demanding cost and power sensitive devices. The microcoded architecture outperforms typical RISC processors in applications where memory size, component count and power consumption must be keept at a minimum. Enabled with Java, the IM3910 provides remote management capabilities and support for various user interfaces.

Block Diagram

Imsys IM3910 MCU Block Diagram

The Java Virtual Machine is an integral part of the MCU, which reduces the JVM interpretation overhead leading to lower power consumption and longer battery life. The IM3910 sets new standards for energy efficiency due to its compact code, efficient control logic, and patented memory interface.

IM3910 combines the best features of traditional CISC architectures and energy efficient use of resources with “FPGA-like” flexibility. IM3910 MCU supports dual 10/100 Ethernet ports, three UARTs with 920 kbit/s, I2C or high speed, up to 20 Mb/s, SPI port, and has eight DMA channels with a sustained 83 MB/s throughput.


  • Deterministic real-time operating system for critical applications
  • Supports C, Java and assembler programming
  • Advanced source level debugging from Java down to assembler
  • Accelerated IEEE 754 Floating Point arithmetic, single and double precision
  • Multiplier-Accumulator (8×8 and 32 bits, respectively)
  • General purpose HW timer system
  • Dual channel 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet MAC
  • Eight DMA channels with up to 83 MByte/s sustained total data rate
  • Three UARTs 920 kBit/s
  • I2C/SPI serial interface
  • SDRAM interface, 4 GB address range, auto detected configuration
  • Software controlled PLL

Pricing and Availability

  • IM3910-BA10 167 MHz MCU is available now at a price of USD $14,20 in quantity of 10k
  • IM3910-M210 module comes with 32 MB DRAM and 8 MB flash and is available now at a price of USD $76,00 in quantity of 1k

More info: Imsys IM3910 Controller