Ronetix PM9263 CPU Module

The PM9263 CPU Module, from Ronetix, is an AT91SAM9263 based system-on-module. The module features a 240 MHz ARM926E CPU, 64MB SDRAM, 4MB Parallel Flash, 256MB NAND Flash, 4MB Video RAM, 2MB DataFlash, 10/100Mb ethernet, and a serial number chip. A starter kit is also avaiable for the PM9263. The kit consists of a base board, a CPU module in SODIMM200 format, PEEDI JTAG Emualtor and Flash Programmer, and open source software. The base board provides a MMC/SD socket, a Compact Flash socket, a connector for LCD with Touch screen, four Audio jacks, an USB device port, two USB Host ports, two RS232 connectors, and a CAN connector. The kit also includes a GNU compiler and debugger, bootloader U-BOOT, Linux, and Open Zaurus root file system.

Hardware Features

  • CPU: AT91SAM9263, 240 MHz ARM926EJ-S
  • 64MB DRAM, 32-bit
  • 4MB NOR Flash, 16-bit (bootable)
  • 256 MB NAND Flash
  • 2 MB Atmel Serial DataFlash (bootable)
  • 4 MB Video Memory on a separate external bus
  • SPI EEPROM (optional)
  • 10/100 MBits Ethernet
  • Serial number chip DS2401
  • SODIMM200 module (67x40mm)

AT91SAM9263 Features

  • 240 MHz ARM926EJ-S
  • DSP Instruction Extentions
  • ARM Jazelle Technology
  • 16 KB Data Cache
  • 16 KB Instruction Cache
  • Memory Managment Unit
  • Dual External Bus Interface
  • DMA Controller
  • 2D Graphic Accelerator
  • CAN Interface
  • AC97 Interface
  • Embedded ICE
  • 32 KB Internal ROM
  • 96 KB Fast Internal RAM
  • 324 balls LFBGA
  • Low power, Vcore 1.2V
Ronetix PM9263 CPU Module

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