Kaleido Animator for Mobile Phones

Kaleido Animator, from Digital Airways, is an advanced graphic rendering solution for mobile phones. Kaleido Animator enables handsets manufacturers to create fully animated user interfaces quickly and cost effectively. Kaleido Animator responds to handset manufacturers’ challenges in developing sophisticated user interfaces and product positioning by providing a UI framework and a library of pre-integrated customizable functions all aimed at simplifying the creation of animated user interfaces. These functions can be used as is or rapidly extended to create any sort of innovative animation. Kaleido Animator facilitates the creation of animated backgrounds, moving objects (buttons, indicators), splash screens, wizards (help, notification of events), dynamic menus, transition between contexts (sliding, fading in and out, torsion), and management of layers (alpha blending), etc. Most of these animations can be included in user experience without writing a single line of code, making the process extremely efficient, and the resulting user interface scalable across a range of platforms. Kaleido Animator is designed to easily take full advantage of platform resources such as graphic accelerator, 2D/3D engines, as well as image codecs.

More info: Digital Airways