DDC-I OpenArbor with LynuxWorks LynxOS-178 RTOS Support

DDC-I’s Eclipse-based OpenArbor mixed-language development environment now supports LynuxWorks’ FAA Certified LynxOS-178 real-time operating system. OpenArbor developers working with any combination of Ada, C, and Embedded C++ (EC++) can now deploy safety-critical applications on LynxOS-178 target systems certifiable to DO-178B Level A, the FAA’s highest level of safety criticality. OpenArbor is a mixed-language, object-oriented IDE for developing and deploying real-time, safety-critical applications. The core environment combines optimizing compilers and libraries for C and Embedded C++ with the SCORE® mixed-language debugger. The SCORE debugger features an intuitive multi-window GUI, project management support, and automated build/make utilities. SCORE’s symbolic debugger recognizes C/EC++, Ada and Fortran syntax and expressions, and can view objects, expressions, call chains, execution traces, interspersed machine code, machine registers, and program stacks.

OpenArbor provides separate Eclipse plug-ins for Ada development. The Ada compiler plug-in, known as SCORE-Ada, features an optimizing Ada compiler and supports full Ada-level debugging, including constraints, attributes, tasking, exceptions, break-on-exception and break-on-tasking events. The Ada debugger plug-in supports true mixed language debugging in a single session, making it easy to debug applications written in multiple languages. The debugger is non intrusive, can debug at the source or machine level, and can be enabled without changing the generated code.

LynxOS-178 is a real-time operating system designed to fulfill the stringent needs of multithreaded and multiprocess applications in safety-critical real-time systems. LynxOS-178 enhances safety and security by using Virtual Machine (VM) brick-wall partitions that prevent system events in one RTOS partition from interfering with events in another. Effectively, each partition behaves as if it were running on its own separate computer.

LynxOS-178 is the first and only commercial hard real-time operating system certified to DO-178B level A that combines the interoperability benefits of POSIX with support for the ARINC 653 APplication EXecutive (APEX). Available for both Pentium and PowerPC platforms, LynxOS-178 is also the first and only time- and space-partitioned, FAA-accepted Reusable Software Component (RSC). To speed the FAA certification process, LynxOS-178 provides complete DO-178B documentation, including an artifacts package. The Luminosity development environment for LynxOS-178 is also Eclipse-based, and by using a pristine Eclipse framework it can easily integrate with the OpenArbor environment from DDC-I via the standard Eclipse plug-in mechanism.

OpenArbor is available immediately for LynxOS-178. Pricing for the core configuration starts at $5,000.

More info: DDC-I, Inc.