Qpixel’s H.264 Streaming, Digital Recording Reference Designs

Qpixel Technology announced the Q.stream network media streamer and Q.record personal video recorder/player, two new reference platforms based on their low power H.264 codec family. The new platforms help consumer electronics OEMs shorten their design cycles. Both Q.stream and Q.record platforms are available today.

Q.stream is ideal for a wide range of streaming applications, including remote monitoring cameras, IP video servers, and media streaming for in-home content distribution. Q.record uses Qpixel’s highly integrated QL202B SoC, and is perfect for portable video and audio recording/playback devices that use flash memory for local storage.

Q.record’s modular design allows designers to pick and choose the components that are relevant to their specific application. In addition, due to the portable nature of Q.record’s target applications, power consumption is a key design consideration when selecting the system components. QL202B’s extremely low power consumption, along with its ability to connect to mobile DDR memory, results in a low enough total system power consumption to enable up to six consecutive hours of real-time D1 H.264 recording using four AA batteries.

More info: Qpixel Technology