Empower EDK6446 Development Kit for TI DaVinci

The EDK6446, from Empower Technologies (TSX.V: EPT), is a development kit for Texas Instruments’ (TI) dual-core TMS320DM6446, DM6443, and DM6441 DaVinci(TM) processors. The EDK6446 accelerates the development of digital video applications such as portable media players, set top-boxes, industrial handheld/tablets, video security and surveillance, automotive infotainment systems, and video telephony. EDK6446 full development kit is available for $1,800 US. The delivery date is expected to be the middle of this quarter.

The new EDK6446 development kit comes with the latest LEOs operating software (Linux Kernel 2.6) and SDK (Software Development Kit). The target hardware development platform includes a DM6446 processor system board and a 4.3″ WQVGA LCD (480×272) touch panel in landscape mode, ready for 16:9 widescreen movie presentations.

LEOs (Linux Embedded Operating System), Empower’s core technology, is the standard operating software bundled in every development kit sold by Empower. However, the EDK6446 supports other popular embedded operating systems too. Also fully supported in the EDK6446 are TI’s framework components, which include the eXpressDSP(TM) Algorithm Interoperability Standard (xDAIS) for Digital Media (xDM) Framework Components and Codec Engine. In addition, DaVinci audio and video codecs are available for licensing.

More info: Empower Technologies