Excel Software QuickCRC Windows 3.1 and QuickCRC MacOSX 2.0

Excel Software announced the latest version of its QuickCRC products — QuickCRC Windows 3.1 and QuickCRC MacOSX 2.0. QuickCRC is a tool for responsibility driven design of object-oriented software using CRC cards. CRC cards are ideal for agile methods or as a front end to UML. QuickCRC Windows 3.1 is built to run on all Windows computers from Windows 98 through Vista. The product includes a new Windows Vista friendly installer and integrated help system. Once installed, the user can run QuickCRC from a Standard user account. QuickCRC MacOSX 2.0 is a Universal Binary application optimized for both PPC and Intel based Mac OS X computers. The new application and help system runs over three times faster on new Intel based machines.

Excel Software QuickCRCIn responsibility driven design, CRC cards reduce development time and cost. The concepts are simple. Each card represents a class and its properties. External agents define system interfaces. Each design scenario shows class interactions to satisfy a project requirement.

The value of using CRC cards will increase as the project and team size grows. However, the inefficiencies of paper based cards also increase on larger projects. At some point, there are big advantages to be gained by automation. With just a couple dozen cards, its easy to locate the right card and add new attributes, responsibilities and collaborations. Increase the number of cards to a few hundred or a few thousand and the search and organizational capabilities of an automated tool can save you alot of time.

QuickCRC handles up to 10,000 cards with all design information in memory. Editing changes are instantly reflected throughout the model so every name and relationship reference is always accurate. QuickCRC Windows includes a Lite edition for smaller projects. The Lite edition has the same features but runs on older computers with limited RAM.

A software designer can single step through a design pattern to see how a set of classes will respond to an external event. Cards can be automatically arranged on the screen by relationships or grouped into named diagrams. Card information can be printed, generated to a text or HTML report or exported to a text file. Exported design data can be used in QuickUML, MacA&D or WinA&D to generate UML class diagrams in seconds. QuickCRC has a new search capability to locate cards with specific data, plus other enhancements for diagram captions and color.

QuickCRC Windows and QuickCRC MacOSX are each priced at $295 for a Single User License. Projects can be edited and shared across platforms. Each product is available in a Site License. The product includes software on CD, printed and PDF manual, example project with step-by-step tutorial plus an integrated help system.

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